New Waveform Posters Visualize Famous Electronic Albums

Designer Alex Szabo-Haslam let us know that he’s launched a Kickstarter project, Waveform, to fund production of a series of posters visualizing classic electronic music albums.

“I’ve launched a series of 40 holographic Waveform artworks visualizing soundwaves generated by some of my favorite British dance, rave, synth, and electronic music albums,” he notes. “This includes releases by Aphex Twin, Altern-8, Bicep, Cabaret Voltaire, Chemical Brothers, Goldie, LFO, New Order, Orbital, Prodigy, Sophie — and lots more.”

Each track is silkscreen printed onto high quality paper, before being signed, numbered, and stamped with a custom embossing.

Pricing and Availability

The Waveform posters are available to project backers for £60 (about $82). Szabo-Haslam says that at least 50% of profits after the campaign will be donated to Help Musicians, a charity offering health and welfare services, creative development funding, and a mental health helpline for the entire music industry.

Note: Participating in crowdfunded projects involves risk, see the project site for details.

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