MOE Analog Chorus 60 Clones Classic Roland Juno-60 Circuitry

Made On Earth (MOE) has announced pre-orders for the MOE Analog Chorus 60, described as “a perfect clone of the original Juno-60 chorus circuit.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

It uses 2x “xvive mn3009” and the original Panasonic “2x mn3101” chips (rare parts!), original transistors 2SC1815, 2SA1015 and 2SK30A-GR with the exact same circuit.

Instead of the two buttons with only three rate modes, we added a knob to smoothly control the rate of the chorus, depth of the modulation and the stereo width. (the rate of the original modes is clearly printed around the rate knob for easy recreation of the original rates)

We also added ext lfo/cv input to apply other modulation sources and input gain to accommodate any type of instruments (guitars or synthesizers).

Housing in a high quality aluminum case with durable UV printing and high quality “Alpha” potentiometers.

Pricing and Availability:

The MOE Analog Chorus 60 is available now for 1,700.00 ? (about $525).

15 thoughts on “MOE Analog Chorus 60 Clones Classic Roland Juno-60 Circuitry

  1. Uff….looks great…sound good (YouTube compression) but what a price …….out of my budget for sure…can change one for three…yes..three….human nails (I’m a runner and lost 3 on my last 10k) if some one is interested….;-)

  2. I was skeptical, but this is one fine chorus. I could see pro studios gritting their teeth and paying the $525 price due to its excellent sound quality.

    For us home studio users…Maybe? Perhaps as a splurge???

    1. Since Moog cancelled their high-end Moogerfooger line (and they now go for crazy money), somebody needs to come up with a classy series of comparable effects.

      This looks nice, but my OCD doesn’t like the idea of buying a bunch of effects from different companies that are all different sizes and heights and power requirements. Yuck!

  3. lots of great chorus pedals out there, including the TCE June 60 which goes for around $50, also has mono in and stereo out. but this looks and sounds fantastic with nice control, its a welcomed option, bravo.

  4. The only thing special about the Juno 60 chorus was that there was a Juno 60 attached to it

    Now that the MN2009 BBD chips are no longer in end of life – charging 525 for what is on the face of it a very basic run of the mill chorus pedal is just absurd

    Marketed as “a perfect clone of the original Juno-60 chorus circuit.”

    A circuit any hobby DIY guy could solder together in about an hour

    1. if it’s so easy for you to make and sell them for cheap do that, everybody will be happy to buy them from you.
      it’s already all sold out so there is clearly a market for it 🙂

  5. the juno chorus circuit is a very cheap design – its the equivalent of onboard effects of today

    this is an exercise in marketing

    1. with new designs pots and case are usually the highest cost. the original parts of this chorus can be somewhat hard to resource and can cost allot, you will not get quantity discount for this small numbers and also add multiple shipping costs since you can’t order all parts from one vendor like with new designs.
      if you do search for the parts you will see some for “x” and some for “2x” or more. keep in mind there are many fakes.

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