23 thoughts on “ISLA Instruments S2400 Firmware Update First Look

    1. Prove that you know all the research, parts, and labor costs and then you can talk about what’s overpriced or not. Guessing you’ve never owned a business making boutique stuff.

      1. i’m sure it’s “economical” for the cost to final price, but it’s overpriced in the sense that it just really does not deliver particularly much worth the while for the wild price point. doesn’t make much sense.

        1. this one almost always sold out and allot rave about it, so enough costumer think it’s worth it.
          and seems it’s now just getting better.

      2. A business puts up its value proposition with products and services and the consumer evaluates it based on his/her preferences, including value for money. No obligation for consumers to ensure that a business stay profitable. This is not a charity so no need to get snarky over something you do not agree. I tried this company once with Kordbot and from experience, it is a no from me. A S2400 hard case was listed on ISLA website for $210. I feel that it is overpriced as well – do I need to operate a business or prove this to you also? Warped thinking you have.

        1. i think he meant to say your “overpriced” comment based on nothing substantial.
          seems you also biased since you are letdown by other completely different product from this company. frustration is understandable but for others like me who interested in it and read your comment it is meaningless.

          1. @gadi – the fact that you used “think” in your reply indicated your response was also formulated based on your understanding, experiences and background in the subject matter – is that not another form of bias which you allege upon another user? The second product was mentioned and used in context to the original text so please do not quote someone out of context. Did I said that the Kordbot was over-priced?

            We have our views and I stand by my opinion that I think the device is over-priced. You do not have to agree because I am not seeking consensus. Buy the product and spend as you will but please do not force your opinion unto others. Let the website owner tell me that I am not allowed to express an opinion here and I will be out of here no problem. Otherwise, I see your point as a meaningless distraction, however well meaning it was intended to be.

            1. I agree, Percival. I don’t expect a groundskeeper at my club to understand that a bottle of Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru for $1,500.00 represents an astounding bargain for a member. How many driveways and lawns would the groundskeeper need to clear to afford the luxury of drinkable wine without robbing his family of gruel and basic shelter? If the brute had the gall to say the wine was “overpriced,” I’m sure our members would chortle “sour grapes” and enjoy a good laugh. The laborer is “entitled” to his opinion, however misinformed. But that doesn’t make his opinion correct. Now open another bottle!

            2. i’m not defending this product, i didn’t use it yet and i don’t have a “view” against or pro something i don’t know. you do and your experience with the kordbot seems to explains your emotional writing.
              if you used it, learned it, hate it, and then comment about it’s low worth it would be somewhat reasonable but saying “overpriced” about something you didn’t explore in depth is meaningless to others. you can call it “your view” if you like, for me it’s not about consent, “i think” your overpriced comment is meaningless and i wanted you to know that 🙂

  1. pre-order price was $950 and there’s no way a small operation with a truly boutique instrument could keep it at that price, look at the Black Corp synths, Brad could have put this this in the 4K range. if you ever get a chance to see the S2400, to feel it, it is a luxury machine, i’ve never seen something built so well and beautifully, it’s just an incredible instrument to behold. but with that said we’re lucky to live in a time with tons of great options, this is one of them.

  2. Ricky Tines has a video praising the machine but also showing some of the weird quirks. Its a solid review since most of the other videos only praise the machine and dont go into much depth besides the surface workflow.

    When he is clicking those step buttons and struggling to get them to register, the S2400 was off my list immediately. I was fine with the price but not with the build. Simple enough, for $1499, buttons should register clicks and the only issues should be firmware and bugs. I mean, he was casually clicking for a while and getting random hits. Couldnt imagine trying to use an Elektron box and really having to concentrate to click a step button while making a track.

    Was a few other things he and some other youtuber pointed out with recording and editing parameter automation, and having to override recorded data versus intuitively replacing data. So there are some quirks that need to be hashed out.
    So high price + quirks + long ass wait time + small company = Taking a gamble. I’ll probably just wait a few years and revisit once they are all caught up.

    1. For what it is worth – Ricky didn’t know the machine well enough to do his review. He didn’t know some basic workflow features that sort of override some of his arguments. Also I don’t know why of all things he knocked the build – it’s one of the best parts about it. The step buttons work fine I dunno what his was all about. I love rickys channel but as someone who owns the machine I felt he didn’t do enough to get to know it.

  3. I have one. This thing is nuts. The workflow and sound inspires creativity for me. I work faster on the 2400 than I would on an MPC or a DAW. The build quality is far above all the other samplers on the market by a large margin.

    For the folks doubting this thing… get one in front of you and spend a few hours learning the workflow and listening to it. Samples hit harder on this machine… 12 bit thing is not a gimmick at all. Its also more immediate and fun. Worth every penny, and I’m looking at buying a second.

    The new stretch on the 2400 is cool…. more authentic sounding with more pleasing sounding artifacts than the same style algo in ableton.

    Some people in the comments are misinformed or don’t have enough experience with one to judge. There are less than 2k of these in the wild right now… and I haven’t seen any actual owners complain. That’s a super rare thing… seriously, it’s the best sounding hardware sampler and sequencer I’ve ever owned…

    1. This is rare enough still that there aren’t a lot of great musical demos yet.

      Have you shared anything like that or do you have videos you’d recommend?

    2. I’ve watched every single youtube video on the s2400, the product videos, tutorials, the sponsored content, the random youtubers, all of them. Not that many but thats understandable. I found 2 people who mentioned “Cons” of the device. When watching videos, i dont want all pros, I want the cons, the stuff people either dont want to mention if they are sponsored, wont admit since they paid a grip to get one, or just the cons that don’t outweigh the pros of the device.
      When everyone on the internet complains about everything, I get pretty skeptical when people undoubtedly praise anything. I’m sure there are situations when that is to be expected, some devices knock itout of the park. But even my best gear, that i use all the time has some issues or quirks I dont like and If ever doing a review, I’d probably mention them. Others might not.
      I’ll own one at some point then I’ll know for sure but for $1400, there needs to be more reviews and videos before I pull the trigger on a small studios device.

      1. “When everyone on the internet complains about everything, I get pretty skeptical when people undoubtedly praise anything”

        funny, i see it the other way around, most internet “negative” commenter complain about everything because there is no consequence to what they say. most of them are not even costumers and never used the product. most of them complain about allot of products. this is just what they do…
        i woudn’t trust most of what commenter say about a product unless it’s described in details and even then i would expect them to contact the company and share the official answer. this is what most reviewer will do. i agree some reviewer are just not that knowledgeable or don’t have enough experience.
        most good youtuber and reviewer will usually say something negative even if they rave about the products but they seem to understand better it’s not “black and white” and more responsible for what they say with far less emotional tone about the drawbacks. they do that because they have far more experience and most importantly they have something to loose.

      2. I think you need to understand the full context with Isla. The guy burned hundreds of people with an incomplete, barely usable product, the kordbot. But worse, when people were lodging valid criticisms, Facebook posts were getting deleted, emails were getting ignored, or in best case, receive back an attack where it’s your fault you’re not patient enough to wait for the next firmware (which btw never came).

        Dude sent me an all caps screaming and cursing email then used my full name here on synthtopia where I prefer to remain anonymous. In my brief interactions with Isla, they did and said probably a dozen things you should never do to a customer. The red flags were blaring after my first email back from them.

        I can’t be the only person they treated like that in the kordbot days, and it shows in the fact they can barely get a mention of their product on most synth sites. You might see the random “go along to get along” superbooth post on sonic state, but no major reviews or anything like that from pretty much anyone. Seems to me like Isla’s not exactly blacklisted, but brownlisted in this industry of ours. Overdue recompense for past behavior, imo. Synthhead should join them and stop giving Brad any voice at all.

        All that said, it seems like they’re trying really hard to swim against the current, release a good product, and update the firmware often. They pretty much have to in order to prove the haters wrong. What you have right now is most people just waiting for the other shoe to drop and a handful of devout fans hoping Isla can prove the rest of us wrong. I would have bought a 12 bit sampler from Satan himself. But not Brad ever. Wait patiently and don’t hold your breath.

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