Arturia Intros Efx FRAGMENTS Granular Plugin

Arturia has introduced Efx FRAGMENTS, a plugin that they say takes “the complex concept of granular synthesis and turns it into a flexible, accessible, and musical tool for the intrepid sound explorer.”

Efx FRAGMENTS is a software effect that allows you to divide, transform, and rebuild any sound using granular processing. They say that it lets create glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, experimental textures, and more.

Here’s an in-depth video tutorial:

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro
01:10 Interface Structure
01:52 Buffer Explained
05:26 Grain Capture
07:13 Grain Release
11:45 Texture Mode
12:36 Rhythmic Mode
13:55 Basic Effects
15:49 Advanced Panel Overview
16:23 Grain Quantization
17:54 Grain Release Advanced
21:45 Advanced Effects
23:26 Modulators

Pricing and Availability

Efx FRAGMENTS is available now for $99 USD.

5 thoughts on “Arturia Intros Efx FRAGMENTS Granular Plugin

      1. My cost was only $29, but I’m not sure if that was because I owned the FX Collection or Pigments. At that price, this was an amazing surprise to wake up to. As a granular fan, I’ve loved pairing this with other plugins and synths.

  1. Granular always sounds more like a software glitch to me. I hear some interesting results from the method, but its usually one that sounds cool and seven that sound like a hardware failure.

    I also have to admit that the one cool patch is often an ambient pad with golden edges. If you lean towards sound design, check out the granular engine in Pigments and see if its enough for you. The synth is partly a superior sound effects generator in one box. I especially like its list of filters, as several are combos from the Oberheim Matrix-12.

  2. I had a Hologram Effects Microcosm but ended up selling it because it didn’t play well with line level synth inputs. Plus I just didn’t vibe well with the interface. I’m hoping that this plugin gives me a lot of the same treatments but in a way that is much more versatile and much less expensive.

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