CME Announces Sign Up, 50% Discount On SWIDI Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard

CME has launched a crowd creation project for their SWIDI Bluetooth MIDI Controller.

The first 3,000 registrants will get a 50% discount during the presale and have the opportunity to share input on the wireless controller’s development.

Rip-off Or Kick-off?

CME originally introduced the SWIDI as a knockoff of the Behringer SWING, itself a knockoff of the Arturia Keystep.

Now they’ve updated their page with the heading “Rip-off or Kick-off?”, asking customers to decide the fate of the new controller. They say that “With 3,000 active registrants, SWIDI becomes a reality.”

Questions that the company is asking customers do decide include:

  • Do you want it to be wired or wireless?
  • Do you want CV/gate or USB ports?
  • Do you need polyAT? Do you require battery power or wireless charging?
  • Do you prefer wired or wireless?

If you’re interested in sharing input on the development of the SWIDI, see the CME site.

12 thoughts on “CME Announces Sign Up, 50% Discount On SWIDI Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard

  1. While making Behringer comments, don’t forget that both CME and Behringer are ripping off a very good Arturia design.

    1. you do realize that some of us already own the arturia but look to buy these as inexpensive compliments to it that we would not have bought otherwise

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