Teenage Engineering OP-Z Gets ZM-4 I/O Expansion Module

Teenage Engineering today released the ZM-4 Line Module, an add-on for the OP-Z that is designed to bring external audio signals in and out of your OP–Z.

It adds a stereo line input and an additional stereo line output to the unit, as well as input and output for MIDI, trig and PO sync. You can use line in to add external audio signals to your mix and use line out as a second stereo output available within OP–Z.


  • Audio line in/out
  • Stereo output can also be used as two separate mono outputs
  • Sync in/out
  • MIDI in/out
  • Trig in/out
  • PO out

Pricing and Availability:

The ZM-4 is available now for $149 USD.

7 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering OP-Z Gets ZM-4 I/O Expansion Module

    1. Good memory!

      When it was originally introduced, be noted: “TE says that the new Line module will be available Spring 2022. Pricing is to be announced.”

      Now it’s spring, it’s available and it has a price.

    1. They already sell knobs. those tiny little colorful knobs on their website. Whats next is an HDMI box with their ipad app on it so you can plug it into a screen and VIOLA, no ipad needed to program this thing since you obviously cant use it to its full potential without the app. If so, you must be on a deserted island with only a OP-Z or one of those guys that master hard things for fun like using a portable synth with semi-usable UI. It does feel good in your hands though.

  1. It really feels like this could have been a software update to the oplab module… But then again you wouldn’t be able to sell the same thing twice.

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