OXI One Step Sequencer Is Powerful, Supports MIDI & CV/Gate, And Can Run On Batteries

The latest Perfect Circuit video takes an in-depth look at the OXI One step sequencer.

The OXI One is a powerful step sequencer that features four independent sequencers, LFOs, arpeggiators, configurable CVs, randomization features and more. The sequencer features both MIDI and CV connectivity, with 8CV and 8 Gate outputs, and 1 CV input with configurable routing. In addition to sequencing pitch, you can use the outputs for envelopes, LFOs and more.

And it can run on batteries.

The OXI One was originally introduced via an Indiegogo project. Since then, it has received two major firmware upgrades and is now available to anyone.

See the OXI site for details.

Video Summary:

‘The OXI Instruments One is their debut MIDI/CV sequencer with several unique modes, grid-based interaction, and a simple design that’s made for creativity. A set of four sequencers are at the heart of the OXI One and they can be routed to use either the MIDI connections or the eight available CV/gate outputs. The OXI One can also cast MIDI over Bluetooth, letting you connect wirelessly to your mobile device or computer.”

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8 thoughts on “OXI One Step Sequencer Is Powerful, Supports MIDI & CV/Gate, And Can Run On Batteries

  1. I buy a lot of gear, but this was one of my best buys in the last several years (was a kickstarter backer). It runs my eurorack, has replaced most of my portable toys using over BT with AUM on iPAD and is a great composition controller over USB with the PC…a sleeper, but a masterpiece…looking forward to V3!

  2. It’s not clear from the video whether the four “independent” sequences can actually run at their own separate tempos, etc., or are linked by beats as opposed to being able to run “offset” from each other.

    Also not clear how “tuplet-friendly” the step-rate options are. I didn’t see any tuplets in the roll section (i.e., no triplets, etc.) When I saw that step rates went from 1/32 to 1 bar, I thought… “Let me guess, a bar = 4 beats.” Would love to see step rates expressed as X steps ore Y beats, e.g., 3 steps per 2 beats, etc.

  3. A fantastic piece of gear that keeps getting better with each firmware update. It can drive many things with 8 channels of CV and MIDI simultaneously. There’s also their MIDI Split and CV Pipe too. Great stuff. It even doubles as a monome grid.

  4. I own this device. I was a kickstart supporter. I did not really get into it until now as i have more new gear to learn and they don’t seem to give any priority to having a decent user manual.
    Also I have come to understand that for using bluetooth midi properly with iOS an extra bluetooth midi device for iOS is needed. Potentially a cool device but for a price.

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