HyperSynth Reveals Hcards REV.2, Offering Massive Memory Expansion For Yamaha DX Synths, Roland D-50

HyperSynth has released the Hcards REV.2, a major update to their Hcard line that provide massive external storage for the Yamaha DX series and Roland’s D-50.

The updated REV.2 line features four products:

  • Hcard-701 REV.2 (Yamaha DX7 MKI).
  • Hcard-702 REV.2 (Yamaha DX7II, DX7s, DX11, RX7, RX5).
  • Hcard-705 REV.2 (Yamaha DX5 and DX1).
  • Hcard-750 REV.2 (Roland D-50)

This upgrade offers a solid metal case with new color, better touch-pad action and visibility, easy cartridge insertion, updated firmware, and improved build quality over their predecessors.

Additions and Fixes (REV.2):

  • CNC metal case with scratch-free anodized finish.
  • Chamfered edge bottom side that offers easy insertion (H701, H702, and H705).
  • Colored touch buttons with enhanced action.
  • CNC milled edge connector for robust connectivity with slot sockets (H701, H702, and H705).
  • Upgraded from 2L to 4L PCB with new microprocessor and more stable firmware v2.1.
  • Hcards now draw less power from the synthesizer power supply.

Pricing and Availability

Hcards are available to purchase now from authorized dealers in the US, EU, and Hypersynth webshop, with the following pricing:

  • Hcard-701: €249 / $199 USD.
  • Hcard-702: €249 / $199 USD.
  • Hcard-750: €249/ $199 USD.
  • Hcard-705: $429 USD

4 thoughts on “HyperSynth Reveals Hcards REV.2, Offering Massive Memory Expansion For Yamaha DX Synths, Roland D-50

  1. Nice upgrade! 4096 presets will more than cover the ocean of D-50 patches you can find online. My issue with the Cloud D-50 wasn’t programming; it was the patch management! Once I got it all tagged, I was amazed at what a serious orchestral or VA resource it can be.

    If you have one of these synths in decent shape, its a no-brainer, LookMumNoComputer-style. You might still want/need a software librarian to refine it as I did, but once you fill the Hcard, you’re good to go live for sure. Same with big studio projects.

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