Noise Engineering Releases Plugin Bundle 2, Featuring Manis Iteritas, Loquelic Vereor & Imitor

Noise Engineering has introduced Plugin Bundle 2, featuring three products, based on their Eurorack line of hardware modules:

  • Manis Iteritas, a saw-based shapeshifter synth that goes from gritty industrial to smooth and lovely in an instant.
  • Loquelic Vereor, a complex-oscillator synth with dual pitch control and three interpretations of classic synthesis algorithms.
  • Imitor, an experimental delay that does everything from comb filters and flanges, ping pongs, to intricately shaped echoes with up to 32 taps.

You can preview each plugin below:

Manis Iteritas

Loquelic Vereor


They also announced that they’ve updated all the plugins in their Plugin Bundle 1 and the free Freequel bundle to include MPE support, tooltips, and more. The updates are available now and are free to current users.

Pricing and Availability

Plugin Bundle 2 is available now for $119.00 USD. The plugins are also available individually.

13 thoughts on “Noise Engineering Releases Plugin Bundle 2, Featuring Manis Iteritas, Loquelic Vereor & Imitor

    1. They at least have their own design language. I think there are a lot of plugins where you pay a premium for polished ui and not much else.

    2. I own their first bundle as well as the free plugins and I have to say while their GUI is not exactly eye candy, it works very well.

  1. Yeah seriously. I have the plugin bundle 01 and they sound great but I cant stand the UI. They are great in bitwig with all the modulators and I can really get close to the functionality of having the Basimilus in a eurorack and everything being modulated by LFO’s and ENV’s but dam i hate looking at the plugin. I open up Serum or anything from Arturia like Ahhhhhhhhh. These are like GlitchMachines ugly brother.

    1. Have the first bundle, no complaints. I did turn off the animation ghostly shadow things lol.
      I tend to go for the “experimental,” more sound design type VSTs anyways…so it works for me.

    2. Its more the UX than the UI. It’s like a Make noise module, confusing on purpose. Makes you feel like you’re going to win a prize for figuring out how to modulate a cutoff. It’s the sound that matters and it sounds good. Random button is a ultra +1.

      1. most of the sound seems to come from the modulations,
        Osc page and modmatrix are in different windows
        there is more than enough screen space for both to fit into “one window”

        but what do I know 😉

      2. I find them really functional. There’s nothing in there that’s “confusing on purpose”, it’s just that some of the names are shorthand for a whole lot of complex algorithmic stuff that it would take pages to explain, so they call it “Bash” or “FSU” or whatever instead.

        And like most of their Eurorack tutorial videos and manuals say, the best way to get to know what the controls do is just tweak them and listen.

  2. At the end of the day, musicians care what it sounds like. I’m happy to see a small, primarily eurorack company expand into the software realm. At a time where we have a lot of larger companies conglomerating, this kind of thing is nice to see.

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