Spin Audio Releases Virtual Mixing Console 1.2

SpinAudio has released an updated version of Virtual Mixing Console. The new version features improved plug-in synchronization, Waves VST plug-ins support and improved compatibility with Native Instruments Intakt/Kontakt/Kompakt, Steinberg Halion, G-Media ImpOSCar, Korg Legacy Collection, SpeedSoft VSampler and Arturia Moog Modular.

Virtual Mixing Console is the application that you can turn your computer into powerful automatable multi-channel digital mixer with VST effects processing and a host for playing VST instruments.

SpinAudio Mixer


* Real-time multi-channel low-latency audio streaming through ASIO 2.0

  • * Audio engine optimized for multi-processor and HyperThreading-enabled systems
  • * Effects processing using VST plug-ins
  • * Support for VST DSP Acceleration cards
  • * VST Instruments support
  • * Comprehensive midi support with port groupping, channel and key-zone remapping
  • * Full MIDI Automation
  • * VST Tempo Sync to external MIDI clock
  • * Sync to MIDI Start/Stop
  • * Transport Start/Stop Sync
  • * Mixer with flexible signal routing
  • * Up to 8 inserts per strip
  • * Up to 8 full-featured FX Send buses
  • * Up to 64 groups
  • * Built-in on-channel 4-band parametric EQ
  • * Built-in 10-band mastering parametric EQ
  • * Up to 8 fader banks for automation
  • * Navigation bar for quick access to channels
  • * Full screen view mode

System Requirements:

  • Platform: Intel Pentium, and compatible CPUs
  • Operating Systems: 2000/XP

Minimal Configuration:

  • Pentium 1 GHz, 256 Mb of RAM, Video adapter that supports running in high color mode. 7Mb of free hard disk space.

Virtual Mixing Console is now available for purchase in SpinAudio on-line shop with a price of 59 USD. Registered product users can upgrade to the new version for free. More information and a demo version are available at the SpinAudio site.

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