Roland Intros EXR-46 Oriental Arranger

Roland Oriental Keyboard

At the recent 2007 NAMM Expo, Roland announced an Oriental-themed keyboard, the EXR-46 Oriental Arranger.

The EXR-46 OR offers dozens of authentic sounds, drum kits, and phrase samples from a wide range of Arabian Gulf-region countries. In addition, authentic Music Styles have been preprogrammed into the EXR-46 OR, making it easy to create song arrangements.

The EXR-46 OR was designed in collaboration with musical masters from each stylistic region. Combined with the EXR-46 OR’s high-resolution sound engine, these custom-made waveforms and patterns are very realistic to the ear.

Performing and programming drum/percussion parts is made easy on the EXR-46 OR thanks to its automatic Drum Pad mapping capabilities. This handy feature instantly reassigns the highest range of keyboard (F6-C7) to function as dedicated “drum pads.”

I didn’t have a chance to try these out at NAMM – but I’d be interested in anyone’s input on them!

4 thoughts on “Roland Intros EXR-46 Oriental Arranger

  1. Hi, guys, why there are not any PDF manuals of old/new keyboards for download on your site? Some of them is not possible find anywhere. For example Roland EXR-46 OR actually. Tx! Jan

  2. Jan

    Keyboard manuals are copyrighted by their manufacturers. As far as I know, it’s not legal to reproduce other companies manuals without their permission.

    Are there other sites that are providing PDFs of keyboard manuals? The only ones I’m aware of are the manufacturer’s sites and a few fans sites for keyboards from companies that have gone out of business.

  3. hi , i need new styles oriental and songs for roland exr 46 or how i can get it from internet or i buy the cd but i dont know from where , i am from lebanon tripoli please help me

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