Martin Peters’ ‘Agony’ – A Berlin School Style Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s another very nice Berlin School style synth jam by Martin PetersAgony.

Technical details below. 

via attorks:

About 2 weeks ago I bought a second hand Doepfer A-189-1 Voltage Controlled Bit Modifier. I build a +/-15V to +/-12V converter to power the module (though not necessary I understood) and now it’s working. And yes, I now can reproduce that beautiful Mark Shreeve bass sound with that metal edge to it. Anyway, this is a new improvisation but I heard some elements of the Warriors Theme I did before.

The Modular , which is connected to the Doepfer A-189-1 module, initially does a 4-step sequence and after a while I switch that to an 8-step sequence. The sawtooth output Ian Fritz Teezer Through-Zero VCO is modulated by the GCS Steiner filter and drives the Blacet Miniwave. This produces a modulated sound. This procedure is described on the Muff’s forum by Bob Borries/VOLT and is called ‘MiniWave Table Tilting’. The self-built Modular does a 4-step sequence. The theme is played on the Roland XP-80 doing the Mellotron strings. The Waldorf Q Keyboard produces some agonizing sounds and the odd solo is performed on the Clavia Nord Lead 1.

You can download/see/hear the video and music from my website.

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