MIDI & Audio Connections For iPad / iPhone

In this video, via pointblankonlineDanny J Lewis breaks down the connection process when recording material from iOS music apps into your chosen DAW (in this case Ableton Live).

Lewis uses a camera connection kit to connect a MIDI keyboard to bring a traditional method of inputting note data, and a simple stereo mini jack to 2 x mono phono jack lead to connect the iPad to the audio interface.

4 thoughts on “MIDI & Audio Connections For iPad / iPhone

  1. come on this is hardly a tutorial…..”plug the left cable into the left jack and the right cable into the right jack”

    synthtopia is this april 1+55 day?

  2. All I thought when I saw this article was, “how else would you hook it up?” The iPad has two jacks, and it’s pretty obvious what they do!

  3. This is amazingly simplistic and mostly an advertisement, but I’m intrigued by the presenter’s accent.

    Sadly the main problem I have had with nearly every DAW I have ever used (everything from a Dyaxis to Garageband) is getting *no sound* when I plug things in (a very annoying failure mode) and there’s usually no easy way to debug the myriad problems that inevitably occur (usually bugs in the drivers or the DAW itself inexplicably and erroneously switching drivers, deactivating inputs, changing sources, randomly switching from stereo to mono, muting or soloing channels on its own, turning off monitoring after I turned it on, or simply becoming unresponsive.)

  4. The main problem I usually have with iPad music apps is that they mysteriously stop making sound, get stuck notes, or stop responding to MIDI. Sometimes the apps just become sluggish or laggy, which is also annoying. Generally the solution is to kill the app and relaunch it, although sometimes unplugging and replugging the audio or MIDI interface is necessary (GarageBand is a major offender here, since it seems to randomly decide whether my input is stereo or mono rather than actually having a setting that you can configure.)

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