Open Mic: What New Electronic Music Are You Listening To?

Open Mic: Reader Andy Hagerty wants to know “What new Electronic Music are you listening to right now that you’d want to share with the Synthtopia readers?”.

Is it something from an artist that you think is under appreciated? Something new from an established artist? Something that you’re working on?

Leave a comment and let us know…..

via Andy Hagerty

Image: Eneas

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95 thoughts on “Open Mic: What New Electronic Music Are You Listening To?

  1. Electro House – The Loops of Fury, Mumbai Science, Uppermost, deadmau5

    Alt rock – Shoegaze and Radiohead

    90’s techno – Chemical Bros, Underworld, The Prodigy, Orbital

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  2. I’m pretty much into all the new Synth-Wave things, like Com Truise, Class Actress, Miami Nights 1984. Then also things like patten and some witch house like Emika, Grimes, White Ring (not that new) and no sunrise and Pryramid Sunset (is that even witch-house.. dontknow), over to chillwave, like Sun Glitters. Then there’s all the bass-music like Liar, Lorn and all the other dark bass fellows.

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  3. I like a lot of industrial. Chrysalide is great. Individual totem is one of the greats. Two bands no one seems to have heard if is plasmodivm amd plastic assault.

    I wish some blog posts reflected that many of us like EBM/industrial.

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    1. totally agree! I’m also totally into EBM, Industrial and Wave stuff. More the old school one though. I don’t like how a certain area of EBM/Industrial has developed. It’s become a bit of a silly circus, the music is often just trance with darker lyrics and I miss a certain experimental spirit in may productions (though they often lable themselves as experimental)

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  4. just to clarify on my last comment: Unit Black Flight makes music in the style of John Carpenter movie soundtracks. Don’t know if they are new, I don’t think so, but I also don’t think may people know them.

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  5. Myrryrs
    Reily Steel
    Throwing Snow
    Symbols (Label)
    Body High (Label)

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  6. I’ve digging the following…
    New totally enormous extinct dinosaurs album
    Fred falke new geronimo track
    Drums of death new stuff
    Duke dumonts new single
    Sinden’s new single is awesome too
    The new square pusher album is also great
    Nicolas jaar essential mix
    Ali love
    Sneaky sound system great synth pop band from australia

    I could go on and on easiest is to post my great tracks playlist on youtube:


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  7. Keane
    Ulrich Schnauss
    The The
    Purity Ring
    Brian Eno
    Bob Marley
    Sweet Valley
    Calvin Cardioid


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  8. I’m really loving this new music I started out making on my iPhone with Nanostudio.. I listen to it all the time and even started playing LIVE shows with it. I’ve since upgraded to an IPad and I’m just starting to record a full length effort for release hopefully next year. Cheers! (… Even though I’m American) |

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  9. I’m really liking the new 80’s style retro/synthwave like Lazerhawk, Com Truise, Mitch Murders, Miami 1984, Kavinsky, ect. There are a few good youtube channels covering this little cult genre like neros77 and newretrowave.

    other good recent synthy stuff….

    Linstrom – Where you go I go too
    Jonas Reindhart – Mask of the Maker
    Ken Camden – Space Mirror
    Druc Drac – Retro Future
    Nebulo – Basements
    Holden – The Inheritors

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