AlphaSphere Software/Firmware Update Adds Custom LED Control, Enhanced MIDI Control & More

AlphasphereAlphaSphere makers nu desine have announced that AlphaLive version 1.3.0 is now available.

The release is a significant update to the AlphaSphere software and firmware, with numerous new features and fixes.

The update includes these main new features:

  • LED Control and Configuration – The RGB LED inside the AlphaSphere can now be completely customized, changing the color or brightness, making the lights flash in sync to AlphaLive’s clock (or an external MIDI Clock), as well as creating custom color changes and animations using external MIDI CC messages.
  • MIDI Dynamic Channel Mode – Allows individual MIDI channels to be dynamically applied to each pressed MIDI pad, allowing for completely polyphonic modulation of notes within software that doesn’t support poly after-touch.
  • Pressure-Latch Mode – This feature allows you to ‘latch,’ or’ freeze’ the pressure value of a pad, enabling the AlphaSphere pads to act more like standard dials or sliders.
  • MIDI Clock Support – AlphaLive and the AlphaSphere can now both send and receive MIDI Clock messages, allowing for full synchronization with your DAW and MIDI software.


More information about the update is available at the nu desine site.

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