Korg Debuts International Sound Collections for Pa-Series Istruments

Korg_Pa-Series_Sound_ShopToday Korg announced several new sound collections for their Pa-Series keyboard arrangers, via their “global Pa-Series Sound & Style Shop.” This online store expands the musical options for players of Korg’s keyboard arranger products with Sounds and Styles* in multiple musical genres, along with additional sounds to please any audience. Some of the sound collections are available as a free download; others are available for purchase.

Korg_Pa-900_arranger_keyboardThe new collections include Indian, Persian, Peruvian, and Mexican/South American Sounds and Styles:

  • Indian Sounds and Styles – This is a collection of 82 Styles and 37 Sounds/Performances that are intended for use in both traditional and modern Indian music, and it is compatible with the Pa600. The Pa900 version contains 94 Styles and 48 Sounds/Performances.
  • Persian Sounds and Styles – This collection contains 40 Styles and 54 Sounds for creating Persian music, including 48 new drum and percussion samples (such as agogo, conga, timbales and more), as well as 38 loops and 90 instrument samples.
  • Peruvian Sounds and Styles – This free Sound and Style pack is compatible with the Pa600, Pa900 and Pa3X arrangers, and contains traditional Peruvian sounds like the Pan flute, Andean Harp, an assortment of percussive and brass sounds, and more. Styles include Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa and more.
  • Mexican/South American Styles – Originally released for the Pa500, this collection of authentic Styles is a free download that maintains compatibility with current Pa-Series products. It includes 32 Styles such as Mariachi, Cumbia, Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, and more.

*Korg describes a Style as an ensemble of playable sounds, rhythms, and effects that conveys a specific genre or piece of music. Styles, by their definition, respond in real time to players’ chord changes, and feature multiple intros, fill-ins, variations and endings for dynamic performances. Korg’s Pa Series arrangers contain hundreds of onboard Styles, with the ability to edit, create and add more Styles.

Pricing and Availability. Indian Sounds and Styles is now available for the Pa600 (US $250) and Pa900 (US $350) arrangers. Persian Sounds and Styles is available for both the Pa600 (US $200) and Pa900 (US $220) arrangers. Peruvian Sounds and Style is free for owners of the Pa600, Pa900 and Pa3X keyboard arrangers, and Mexican/South American Styles is also free for Pa-Series users. For more information, or to download one of the new sound collections, check out the global Pa-Series Sound & Style Shop.

19 thoughts on “Korg Debuts International Sound Collections for Pa-Series Istruments

  1. $350 for PA900 Indian Styles is the cost of buying a new keyboard (another brand). There is no incentive to buying this Indian Styles package. Why is Korg not helping users? We paid $1900 for the Pa900 already and now an additional $350. Come on.

  2. Why is KORG charging so much for the Indian Styles? $350 for Indian Styles? This is ridiculous.

    Someone’s trying to get rich soon. This is ridiculous. The respect that we had for Korg is slowly diminishing. Some of the Styles appear to have been copied from other places as well as well. If at all you want to set a price, make it reasonable. Please include a few Indian Styles in your new OS update.

    Yamaha had Indian Styles for FREE on their website for keyboards in the same range as the PA600, PA900.

  3. I think i made a great mistake in buying a KORG PA3Xle Keyboard. Should have gone for a YAMAHA keyboard as Indian styles are widely available and CHEAP.

  4. Hitesh Shukla, the Brand Manger of Korg India site – http://www.furtadosonline.com/ is a selfish and cunning guy. I send his company 2 email to purchase Indian Sound and yet he has not replied. He seems only to sell them if you purchase the keyboard from him. I really ask Korg to look into this and remove him from their dealership. I hope you will support me with this issue. Secondly Korg should reduce their price in their indian Styles and look for someone else other that Hitesh Shukla. This will only be good for KORG.

  5. I purchased Indian styles and they charge from me $3800 not 350$ Horrible I don’t like KORG now they are totally bullshit I asked to Mr, Hitesh shukla He didn’t reply yet I wrote him 5 months ago still no reply from him some voices and styles are not working in my KORG Pa 900 please help me to solve this problem Dear Korg
    let me know on this [email protected]

  6. Go with new YAMAHA keyboards with Indian kit. Anything above PSR S710 will do that. There are a lot of free styles available on the web and it is easy to edit. What you all need actually a very good Indian sounds for recording, performance, PA….go with YAMAHA. Why should waste your time loading, programming, tweaking with the KORG which is only for people who are techies!

  7. Why are korg charging $350 for Indian style. if I would know before I bought Korg keyboard that they charge this much, I would NOT definitely purchase it. and I am recommending all of you who is willing to purchase arranger keyboard not to buy from Korg, because it doesn’t come with nice style and if you want to buy from them they will charge you a cost that you can buy another keyboard. AVOID korg.

  8. It looks like all these brands don’t care their customers at all. This is the price of this mad economical system . you want to go for Yamaha, but psr keyboard key are poor quality . the pa are not better in the middle range. You have to spent 4000 dollars and still you can not get proper sounds. You have to pay more or make yourself if you have time. It is just scandalous !

  9. I had purchased Indian style pack from shop.korg dot com/pa by paying $350. They did not ship the SD card for a week which is required to play some styles as they are encrypted. I had got download option immediately after paying.

    Few days exploring all styles, I found that some of the styles are not playing or playing weird because they are pointing to invalid drum kits. I had opened a support ticket with customer care but didn’t get it fixed. After many unsuccessful try, I had open a Depute case with my credit card company and I got full refund. Now I have styles+SD card for free and still fixing many problem myself, putting lot of energy doing this.

    My question to KORG is, why do you charge so much for a non-function product. Also getting benefit of Indian musicians.

    BIG SLAP to Hitesh Shukla.

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