Dualo Launches 3-octave du-touch S Kickstarter

French company Dualo has introduced the du-touch S – a 3-octave version of its du-touch MIDI instrument.

The du-touch S is a all-in-one instrument, a mix between a traditional instrument and a Launchpad, offering features of a controller, a synthesizer and a multitrack looper/sequencer.

The du-touch S is built upon a new keyboard design, the dualo keyboard, that’s designed to be both easy to learn, but also powerful for experienced musicians. It’s also designed to be used anywhere you like, weight just 1.2 lb and offering 8-hour battery life.

Here’s an intro to how the Dualo du-touch S works:

The Dualo du-touch S is being produced via a Kickstarter project, which is already fully funded. It’s available to backers for about US $398.

28 thoughts on “Dualo Launches 3-octave du-touch S Kickstarter

  1. I ran into this guy at NAMM. He tried to show me this thing and I felt like I had walked into a dark alley and run into a guy trying to show me what he had hidden in his trench coat… The whole ordeal was aggressively uncomfortable.

  2. I’m going to watch the video now, but it’s got hexagons. Look at it. Like, it’s COVERED in them! That means it can’t be entirely bad, and the designer must have SOMETHING to offer.

    All that insight from hexagons, you say?



    I mean, just ask the bees!

  3. I like the hand-position of playing this. Seems very relaxed. However, it did seem a little awkward to look at it while playing (because the player had to be kind of hunched over).

    Ultimately, I think I’d like this unit if the buttons where velocity sensitive, and if there was a tactile way to tell which buttons you were playing so you wouldn’t need to look at it. AND that would reduce the need for the flashing lights.

    The programability is a plus, and the plan of putting note groups together to make it user friendly seems OK. I wasn’t really sold on it for pro work, but it seems like a unique idea, and not terrible.

  4. The triivilization of music including that nasty guitar that they’ve been selling…auto guitar. This is a toy and for a teen pretty nice to serenade his new girl. Otherwise shiver me timbers!

  5. I really doubt if it’s easy to learn, plus it looks really goofy. What possible advantage would this have over a conventional keyboard or something like a Roli Seaboard Rise? Apparently, they never thought to do some market research before they developed this.

    1. “What possible advantage would this have over a conventional keyboard or something like a Roli Seaboard Rise? Apparently, they never thought to do some market research before they developed this.”

      Apparently, you:

      A) Have never seen an accordion, which use hex key layouts; and
      B) didn’t realize that they have already raised 3 times their funding goal.

      I’m always amazed at how many electronic musicians are afraid of change – you’d think it would be just the opposite.

      Hex keyboards have significant advantages and disadvantages, compared to piano style keyboards. The main advantage over a piano style keyboard is that fingering and chords are the same in every key. If you know a song in one key, you know it in every key.

  6. Wow… I thought this was April fools. It looks like a jock strap and a good way to mess up your neck. It’s also the lamest looking thing to play live… makes a keytar seem reasonable.
    …….BUT… I just looked at the kickstarter and these guys have raised quite a healthy sum including lots of backers in for a rather significant amount (>$300). They can’t all be family and friends. Maybe the people in France are trying to embrace? I wonder if this company is partially funded by government or private university, seems like one of those things.

  7. Must be a lot of accordian players into electronic music in France. 😉 I still think it looks stupid.
    Good luck to Dualo, they’re gonna need it.
    Also, $162,917 is a dismal amount to put something that takes that obivious level of machining into production. It’s different if it was a software app, maybe they could do it for that amount then.

  8. Mouahahah! Most of you guys are so funny to read!
    I agree, I am amazed how many electronic musicians are afraid of innovation. What you don’t want to realize is that these guys from Dualo have already sold hundreds (and maybe thousands) units of their first instrument, and because all people who plays it are just incredible fans (ask my roommate), they are overperforming their campaign with this new version. They have reached their goal in a matter of hours.
    Believe it or not, it’s a game changer. My roommate get it last year at the Musikmesse and now this is the instrument he always takes with him.

  9. Awesome! No need to have an IOS device with seemingly endless bad ass music apps that only keep getting better all the time.

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