Tiptop Z-DSP Review, With Demos Of 6 Cartridges

The latest loopop video takes a look at the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP, along with six of the available effects cartridges.

Video Summary:

The Z-DSP is a stereo, cartridge based, open source, variable clock rate effects module.

In this review, I look at five of the existing effects cartridges, and a beta version of the upcoming Reverb FDN cartridge. Each cartridge can contain up to 8 algorithms, and give you control over its parameters using 3 knobs.

A clear LCD screen details the function of each of the knobs. Analog feedback is also available, with the ability to insert additional effects in the feedback loop.

There’s CV input for controlling the DSP’s clock, and this can substantially impact the effect characteristics, for example, bit crushing a reverb, or pitch shifting a granular freeze.

I was initially interested in this module due the availability of the highly acclaimed Valhalla reverbs on it – however since additional cards are relatively inexpensive, it’s nice to see the broad effects range this module can support.

In this clip I test the following modules:

1. Halls of Valhalla

2. Dragonfly Delay MK2

3. Grain de Folie

4. Spring Waves

5. Valhalla Shimmer

6. Reverb Feedback Delay Networks (beta)

Audio sources tested are:

1. Arturia MiniBrute 2

2. Una Corda by Native Instruments

3. Electric Sunburst by Native Instruments

4. Voice

5 thoughts on “Tiptop Z-DSP Review, With Demos Of 6 Cartridges

  1. i see the idea of making some extra cash thru purchases of additional FX cartridges. still, cartridges are a bit too 80s for me.

  2. I’ve been wanting to buy one of these for ever, but I know the minute I buy it Tiptop will release the long needed updated version.

  3. – Valhalla in a little box (not a pedal please!)
    – A few knobs
    – Stereo I/O
    – Priced around €250/300,-


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