Download Free Album From Aphex Twin


In recent interviews, Richard D James has mentioned that he has reams of unreleased Aphex Twin music and that he needed to get it out there so he could move on to creating something new.

Now a huge set of tracks has been made available for free download from Soundcloud.

It’s not immediately clear if these are legitimately from Aphex Twin. Check them out and let us know what you think.

You can preview the tracks below. Continue reading

Steve Roach – Invisible

steve-roach-invisibleAmbient electronic artist Steve Roach has released a new album, Invisible, as a name-your-price download via Bandcamp.

Here’s what Roach has to say about the new album:

With the momentum of the past year still churning, I hunkered down in the Timeroom over the past few cold and rain infused days and created a new long-form piece, featured on Bandcamp only for the time being.

A New Year’s gift to you; freshly cooked from the Timeroom to you on short order.

You can preview Invisible below or at his Bandcamp pageContinue reading

Plogue Chipspeech Recreates The Sound Of 80’s Voice Synthesis

Chipspeech_Shot_ControlsPlogue has introduced Chipspeech – a new speech synthesizer, for Mac & Windows, that recreates the sound of famous 80’s voice synthesis chips.

It features 7 different voices, each with its own characteristic timbre. It is tailored for musical applications – type in lyrics, and then you can play them on a MIDI keyboard.

Chipspeech is also a true synthesizer – the sound can be extensively modified. The app also features a circuit bending emulation, letting you not only recreate the ‘insane and chaotic sound’ of a circuit bent TI speaking device, but also use it in a controlled, musical way. Continue reading

Synth Carol – ‘O Holy Night’

Sunday Synth Jam: Multi-instrumentalist Ace Waters created this synth-pop style video song arrangement of the traditional Christmas carol O Holy Night, using  a variety of hardware synths.

“I want to start a new tradition of making a synth heavy, personal arrangement of a classic carol song every year,” notes Waters. “I hope you enjoy this years Synth Carol, one of my personal favorites.” Continue reading