Free Music Friday: A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence

Free Music Friday: Free Floating Music has released Quiet Friends – a 30th anniversary  tribute to the Steve Roach classic, Structures From Silence.

Quiet Friends is a collection of ambient music that is ‘inspired by the blueprint of Structures From Silence.

“I’m sure I first heard the hypnotic pulse of Structures From Silence while listening to Stars End on WXPN radio,” says Free Floating Music label head Brad Ross-MacLeod. “That was it. That was the sound of that place I was seeking.”

“This collection is dedicated with deep gratitude to him,” adds Ross-MacLeod, “for inspiring us stop and listen in that world and to make our own music there with him.”

Here’s what Steve Roach has to say about the album: Continue reading

Gel-Sol’s Adventures Beyond the Plunderworld

gel-sol-adventure-beyond-the-plunderwoldGel-Sol’s Adventures Beyond the Plunderworld is a sample-based collage made with over 7 years of collected samples.

While Gel-Sol is best known for his ambient work, especially his e:mt release 1104Adventures Beyond the Plunderworld is pure plunderphonics. Profane, prurient & puerile, Adventures Beyond the Plunderworld is a full-on NSFW & blow-coffee-out-your-nose funny collage of spoken samples from b-movies, obscure TV shows, educational films, adult films and NPR. Continue reading

The Choice, From The Last Of Us, On LinnStrument

This video captures a performance by Geert Bevin of composer Gustavo Santaolalla‘s The Choice from The Last Of Us.

Bevin performs the piece on LinnStrument, with the sound coming from Spectrasonics’ Trilian with an 8-part multitimbral setup (one for each row).

Bevin has been working with Roger Linn on the LinnStrument, now in development. The LinnStrument is a unique electronic controller that allows a wide range of expressiveness, including individual pitch and dynamic control, over time, of each note.

Here’s free download of the performance: Continue reading

Alessandro Cortini Mixtape Features Buchla Modular Synthesizer Favorites

Synthesist Alessandro Cortini, who’s released a series of solo albums and performed with NIN, has shared a mix, embedded above, that features his favorite Buchla modular synthesizer compositions.

The mix includes are a wide-ranging selection of electronic tracks, emphasizing tracks that explore the creative sound design possibilities of Buchla synths.

It’s part of Self-Titled Magazine’s Needle Exchange series.

Here’s what Cortini has to say about the tracks: Continue reading

New Music From Giorgio Moroder

giorgio-moroder-themeElectronic dance music pioneer Giorgio Moroder – who’s still showing people how it’s done at age 74 – has released a new track, Giorgio’s Theme.

The track is being released as a free download as part of Adult Swim’s 2014 summer singles program, which will be releasing one free digital single per week through September 22.

You can listen to the track via the embed below. It is available as a free download (.zip mp3) via the Adult Swim site.

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