Bitwig Studio Sneak Preview – Working With Instrument Clips

Here’s another sneak preview of Bitwig Studio, focusing on working with Instrument Clips:

This beta video highlights several of Bitwig Studio’s features for working with instrument clips. Switch between clip- or track-based note editing, bring more life into your composition using note expressions and and per-note micro-pitch control, or use the histogram-based inspector function on several notes at once to randomize or spread parameter variances, changing the feel of your instrument clips.

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Antiquity Music WheelHarp Kickstarter

wheelharpAntiquity Music has announced a Kickstarter project to fund development of the Wheelharp – a new electromechanical keyboard.

Antiquity Music is seeking to raise $50,000 in order to launch the Wheelharp, a musical instrument that gives you the ability to bow a full chromatic set of real strings using a keyboard.

The Wheelharp is designed to put the actual sound of multiple bowed string instruments at the player’s fingertips.  According to the company, “the Wheelharp gives its player a rich sound palette of actual bowed strings that cannot be matched by synthesis or sampling.”

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Roland V-Combo VR-09 Overview

Here’s a series of official videos, via rolandmedia, that take a look at the Roland V-Combo VR-09. The VR-09 is designed to be a live stage keyboard, so it emphasizes ease of use and providing a variety of performance-oriented sounds.

The videos feature product specialist Ed Diaz, and cover the keyboards organ, synth, piano and percussion features, along with editing and customization.  Continue reading

Sonivox Vocalizer Pro Now Available

Sonivox has announced that their Vocalizer Pro, a Vocoder musical instrument announced earlier this year, is now available. Vocalizer Pro is the next-generation version of their Vocalizer MIDI-controlled audio effect.

The original Vocalizer is known for its ability to process any type of vocal, percussive or melodic audio track;  Vocalizer Pro expands on these capabilities. Using SONiVOX’s Polaris spectral synthesis engine, Vocalizer Pro can transform any audio input “into a synthesizer,” for “deep and complex” musical results. Continue reading

Panorama P1 For Cubase, Nuendo & Reason Now Available


Nektar has announced that they are now shipping the Panorama P1 controller, introduced at the 2013 NAMM Show.

The Panorama P1 is a compact control surface with 66 real-time controls, a color high-resolution TFT display and deep integration with Cubase, Nuendo and Reason. Continue reading

Roland VR-09 Stage Keyboard Overview

Here’s an overview of the Roland VR-09 stage keyboard, via Sonic State.

Roland’s Gareth Bowen offers an in-depth overview of the VR-09, which is a keyboard intended for live performance. It features dedicated piano, organ and synth sections and weighs in at just 5 Kg.

If you’ve used the Roland VR-09, let us know what you think of it!

King Korg Synthesizer In Depth Demo

Here’s an in depth look at the new King Korg synthesizer, introduced at the 2013 NAMM Show.

The video captures Korg product specialist Luke Edwards and Nick from Sonic State digging deep into the new King Korg. Edwards discusses the King Korg’s architecture, the synths multiple filters and demos a variety of sounds.  Continue reading

Alesis Vortex Keytar Review

Keyboard Magazine’s Mitchell Sigman reviews the new Alesis Vortex USB/MIDI keytar controller.

Sigman focuses on the the Vortex’s unique accelerometer control. The Vortex features a MIDI-assignable accelerometer, so you can control virtually any parameter by moving the Vortex’s neck: volume swells, pitch bends, vibratos, filter cutoffs, etc. Continue reading