Free Max For Live Kit Connects Ableton Live to Arduino, Mindstorms, littleBits and More

Today, Ableton announced their new Connection Kit, a free toolkit for music makers who want to use Live with technologies such as Arduino, LeapMotion, littleBits, Lego Mindstorms EV3 and OSC.

Connection Kit developers pose the question:

“Ever thought about using your webcam to control a synthesizer? Imagine creating a soundscape using weather data from the web or stock market fluctuations, or even turning musical elements into physical actions through motors and servos.”

The new connection kit enables users to connect, control and monitor Live using various interfaces and communication protocols.

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Reactable Mobile iOS Update Integrates Ableton Link

reactable_mobile_screenshotReactable has released a new version of their mobile iOS music app which integrates Ableton Link, a new technology that allows users to connect and synchronize between multiple Link-enabled apps over a wireless network.

Based on their Reactable Live! software, Reactable Mobile is a synthesiser that enables the user to play and process their own sound samples and audio input. Sessions can be loaded and stored, and shared

Reactable Mobile v2.4 also gives users the capability to add new objects to all of his/her tables. This affords the user greater power to create more complex and extensive tables.
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360° Immersive Ableton Link Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live synth jam by Expanding Sound, which is made up of Brian Funk (aka AfroDJMac) & Michael Longo.

Funk & Longo use a variety of software and hardware gear, making use of Ableton Link to keep things in sync. And their video is the first synth jam designed to be fully immersive, capturing a 360° field of view. Continue reading

New Max For Live Loop Slicing Tool For Ableton Live’s Simpler

AZ-Labs has introduced Auto Slicer for Ableton Live – a slicing utility that makes Simpler cut your loop into equally sized slices from lengths of 1 bar to 1/32nd. Continue reading

Ableton Live iPad Editor

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Developer Momo Miller let us know about a new project, Ableton Live iPad Editor.

With the Ableton Live iPad Editor, you can control the scenes, volume, sends, recording etc., from your iPad. Or you switch to the step sequencer, where you can edit tracks or make new tracks.

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