Synthtopia + Ableton ‘Making Music’ Book Giveaway

making-music-topWhen Ableton published Making Music – 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers, they sold out of the first printing almost immediately.

But, while it’s currently ‘out of stock’ at Ableton’s site, we’ve got a copy to give away.

Making Music is a 340-page hard-bound volume, by Dennis DeSantis, that looks at the most common problems that can prevent you from moving forward with a piece of music, and offers concrete methods for solving them. Continue reading

OSCiLLOT Modular System For Ableton Live Gets New Modules

Max For Cats has released an update to OSCiLLOT – its modular system for Ableton Live.

OSCiLLOT offers more than 100 modules – including oscillators, processors, filters, mixers, modulators, amplifiers, shapers, sequencers, utilities and more. These comprise the basic building blocks of many electronic instruments and effects.

Here’s what’s new in OSCiLLOT v. 1.0.2: Continue reading