Sony Intros Sound Forge Pro 11 & SpectraLayers 2

sony-sound-forge-pro-11Sony Creative Software has released Sound Forge Pro 11, the latest version of its audio editor for Windows, and SpectraLayers Pro 2 for Mac & WIndows.

Sound Forge Pro 11 introduces more efficient recording and processing workflows and new signal and effects processing plug-ins. SpectraLayers Pro 2 now has a faster processing engine and a host of new tools, methodologies and user interface improvements.

While Sound Forge Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 2 are standalone applications, both are now configured to work seamlessly with each other, providing an audio editing environment that combines deep waveform and spectrum editing capabilities. Continue reading

Audiofile Engineering Intros Triumph Audio Editor

Audiofile Engineering has introduced Triumph, a ‘sequel’ to their Wave Editor audio editing application.

Triumph is more than just a new version of Wave Editor. “We rethought everything, not only how to improve on what we built in Wave Editor, but how we could bring the concept of an audio editor forward”, says Matthew Foust, founder of Audiofile Engineering, “Triumph takes full advantage of all of the latest technologies Mac OS X has to offer.”

Here are the details:

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Sound Forge Pro Mac Now Available

Sony Creative Software today released Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0 software.

Sound Forge Pro Mac software was developed from the ground up for OS X and features an interface that they say ‘redefines the audio editing experience’. The application ships with a full suite of audio mastering and repair plug-ins, making it a comprehensive solution for audio professionals who work on the Mac platform.

“Cross-platform professionals have been demanding Sound Forge for the Mac for years,”said Sony’s Dave Chaimson. “Our response is Sound Forge Pro Mac. Producers will appreciate its simple elegance, uncluttered look and amazing flexibility.”

It sounds like the Sound Forge Pro Mac announcement is part of a bigger Mac OS X initiative, too. “Sound Forge Pro Mac is our second major OS X application release this year,” says Chaimson, “We’re…..actively engaged in application development for the Mac platform.”

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Sony SpectraLayers Pro Lets You ‘Unmix’ Audio And Edit It

Sony Creative Software has released SpectraLayers Pro - an new audio editing platform that lets you explore audio data on a multidimensional spectral display and ‘unmix’ audio files into discrete component layers using a variety of smart editing tools. Process extracted layers individually in an unlimited number of ways.

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Celemony ARA Audio Random Access Now Available

Celemony has announced that its ARA Audio Random Access interface extension is now available to all software manufacturers. ARA allows for the improved integration of Melodyne and similar plug-ins into digital audio workstations (DAWs).

As an extension of existing plug-in interfaces such as VST or Audio Unit, ARA opens an additional channel of communication through which the DAW and plug-in are able to exchange information about the audio files and their placement in the song, as well as over their tempo, pitch, rhythm and more. The plug-in is “far closer to the action” in the DAW and therefore works considerably more efficiently; the DAW, for its part, is able to integrate the plug-in and take specific advantage of its strengths, as though the plug-in were part of the DAW itself.

ARA has been implemented in Presonus Studio One as well as in Melodyne editor, assistant and essential since the end of last year. The ARA-facilitated interaction between Studio One and Melodyne leads to a user-friendly workflow that goes far beyond anything previously afforded by plug-in interfaces and allows a still more effective use of Melodyne.

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