Pete Boxsta On The Feeltune Rhizome SXE

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Producer Pete Boxsta Martin (Dannii Minogue, Nate James + Sugarbabes offers his take on the Feeltune Rhizome, a groove workstation he has used on many tracks. He also demos the latest Rhizome, the SXE version.

While this is an official demo promo video from Feeltune, Martin seems to have real enthusiasm for the Rhizome and the video does a good job of demonstrating rhe device’s merits for producers.


Feeltune Rhizome Updated

Feeltune RhizomeFeeltune has announced an update to its Rhizome VST Groove Station, OS version 1.5 .

The Rhizome is a stand-alone hardware sequencer that offers a sampler and VST support.

Here’s what’s new in OS 1.5:

  • Undo / Redo on sequences.
  • Automation on all mixing parameters, MIDI tracks, VSTi and VSTfx.
  • MIDI controller assignation to control all mixing parameters, MIDI tracks, VSTi and VSTfx.
  • New MIDI controller environment to control your applications and hardware.
  • Multitrack bounce.
  • VSTi Track to sample.
  • Pattern to sample.
  • MIDI Synchronization.
  • Drum sampler which allows you to load and edit 16 samples.
  • MIDI file import.

Rhizome OS v1.5 is expected to be available March 29th. Feeltune will be presenting the Rhizome and its new OS at Musikmesse 2011.

The Feeltune Rhizome VST Workstation At NAMM 2011

Feeltune Rhizome at NAMM

The Feeltune Rhizome has been available for a couple of months, but the 2011 NAMM Show was the first time we’ve had the chance to check it out in person.

It’s an impressive piece of gear. Continue reading

Feeltune Rhizome Mega Groovebox Now Available

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Feeltune has announced the release of the Feeltune Rhizome, a real-time instrument for programming, recording and sampling.

The Rhizome is a hybrid groovebox in which you install virtual instruments and effects in a VST/VSTi format (For Pc).  Once installed, you can mix your plug-in with the mixing desk; create your sequences, patterns and tracks with the multi modes and multi tracks sequencer which is the brain working behind the scene.

According to developers, the Rhizome is an aggregate of the best technology and know-how:

  • For the Audio it is RME that does the job; it has been chosen because of its stability and sound quality which is recognized by everybody.
  • For the display; forget the small monochrome displays; the Rhizome offers 4 large displays (24 bit colors)
  • For the controllers; the Rhizome has 102 controllers in which you find 16 dynamic pads and 32 endless knobs
  • You get the Windows XPE which is a version of Windows XP Pro that has been redesigned and compiled especially for Feeltune. It offers a better stability and a total compatibility with VSTs.
  • For the effects and instruments; some of them have been developed by Ohm Force, well know key player of the market.

The video demo, above, looks at building a song with the Rhizome.

Specs below. See the Feeltune site for more information.

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Feeltune Rhizome Groove Machine First Look

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This is a demo video from Musikmesse 2010 of the new Feeltune Rhizome groove machine.

This is just a prototype, at this point. The Feeltune Rhizome is expected to be released in the third quarter of this year. Looks like one to look out for though.

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See the Feeltune site for more info.

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