Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Features Built In Electro-Acoustic Effects

At Musikmesse 2016, Yamaha introduced a new line of guitars, the Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar, that includes electro-acoustic chorus and reverb.

yamaha-internal-650-80The effects are generated by an actuator, fitted inside the guitar, that vibrates in response to string vibrations.

These vibrations are then carried by the body of the guitar and the air inside and out, generating reverb and chorus sounds, without the need for external effects. Continue reading

Inventor Paul Vo, On Acoustic Synthesis & The Vo-96 Guitar

When we have covered the Vo-96 Guitar on Synthtopia, readers’ comments have focused on ‘infinite sustain’ as the key feature, and compared the Vo Guitar’s technology to other sustain technologies.

But inventor Paul Vo‘s vision for ‘acoustic synthesis’ is much deeper than infinite sustain. Continue reading

ACPAD Adds A MIDI Controller To Your Acoustic Guitar


Developer Robin Sukroso let us know that the ACPAC MIDI Controller, described as the world’s first wireless MIDI Controller for acoustic guitar, is now available via a Kickstarter project.

The ACPAD lets you play instruments, control effects, record and trigger loops, trigger samples and control your DAW, wirelessly, from an acoustic guitar.

Here is the official intro video: Continue reading