Novation Updates Blocs Wave With ‘Slice Mode’

Novation has released an update to Blocs Wave, adding ‘Slice Mode’, a new option that lets you chop up sounds, play slices in real-time and record your slice performance.

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Secret Base Design Intros Aleph Looper Songwriting App

Secret-Base-Design_Aleph_LooperSecret Base Design has a new songwriting app for iOS called Aleph Looper. Aleph Looper will enables the user to capture musical ideas, and can provide the framework for songwriting, all in a single integrated app.

Aleph Looper expands on the idea of a looping app, allowing the user to quickly select different synthesizers, and loop the MIDI to each “with perfect synchronization.” Each of the instruments can have up to eight simultaneous loops. The loops can be of different lengths, each up to sixty-four measures long.

Developer Patrick Madden explains the genesis of the app: “I wanted to have an app that would let me sketch out song ideas (with conventional verse/chorus/bridge structure) quickly, so I designed [Aleph Looper] to fit into my song writing method. I like chords, I like chord progressions, and I even like lyrics; it felt like there really wasn’t an app [that] fit what I needed. I’m not trying to make an app that will put out a final mix — there are plenty of apps already trying to do that. Instead, I’m focusing on capturing ideas and the structure of a song, and then making the hand-off to full-blown DAWs relatively painless.”
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Fieldscaper iOS Field Recorder Updated


iMusicAlbum has updated FieldScaper, an advanced field recorder and mobile sound design app for iOS, adding enhanced field recorder capabilities, Dropbox support, inmproved Inter-App Audio support and more.

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Blocs Wave For iOS Updated With Ableton Link Support

Novation has announced that their Blocs Wave app now has Ableton Link support. Users can take advantage of Blocs Wave’s real-time stretch engine, combined with a “super-fast and intuitive” browser, for real-time jamming and collaboration.
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Charge Your iPad While Using USB Devices

lighting-camera-connection-kitApple has introduced the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, a new accessory that may interest musicians using iPads for music making.

The Adapter lets you power your device, while you connect USB peripherals like hubs, Ethernet adapters, audio/MIDI interfaces, and card readers for CompactFlash, SD and microSD.

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Novation Intros Blocs Wave Beatmaking App For IOS


Novation today introduced a new sub-brand, Blocs, focusing on app development and a new beatmaking app for iOS, Blocs Wave.

Blocs Wave is a music creation app designed for touchscreen beatmaking. Here’s a performance demo: Continue reading