littleBits New cloudBit Lets You Connect Your Modular Synth To The Internet

littleBits_cloud-modulelittleBits Electronics has introduced a new module, the cloudBit, that will let you connect your modular synth to the Internet and more.

The cloudBit, according to the company, will help democratize the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) – the idea that ‘smart devices’ will be able to communicate and interact with the Internet.

The cloudBit – part of the company’s littleBits modular electronics system – lets you turn any object into an Internet-connected device. littleBits already makes an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. Existing modules include things like motors, buzzers, buttons, light sensors, switches and LEDs. Last year, they added modules that expanded the platform into audio with the Korg littleBits Synth Kit.

Here’s a demo of the cloudBit in action: Continue reading

Korg DSN-12 Puts An ‘Analog Synthesizer’ On Your Nintendo 3DS


Detune and Korg have introduced Korg DSN-12 Analog Synthesizer, a new app that brings twelve virtual analog monophonic synths to the 3DS.

Korg DSN-12 software features a retro UI and makes use of the Nintendo 3DS stylus. The app will allow users to create up to 64 patterns and then chain them together.

Detune also notes that the app will offer the world’s first 3D display oscilloscope on the Nintendo 3DS.

Here are official video previews for Korg DSN-12: Continue reading