New App, ScaleGen, For Musicians That Want To Explore New Ways Of Thinking About Music


Developer Jesper Nordin has introduced ScaleGen for iPad, described as ‘the ultimate tool for musicians who want to explore new ways of thinking about music.’

ScaleGen is a tool for organizing pitches into custom scales and tunings. It lets you create and audition scales within the app, and then export it as a MIDI file or to their gestural music app Gestrument.

It goes far beyond mainstream types of scales, letting you experiment with up to 24 notes per octave, use historical and experimental microtonal tuning and even scales that are different in each octave, like the overtone series.

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Free Microtonal Synthesizer For Windows


Xen-Arts has released Xen-FMTS 2 – a free microtonal synthesizer for Windows.

Xen-FMTS 2 is a 4 Operator FM Synthesis VSTi with a specialized set of features for computer musicians interested in exploring the possibilities of making music with alternative intonation systems

It is a freeware 32-bit plugin instrument for Windows that includes 115 patches, 55 microtunings and 56 partials files. Continue reading

Microtones v1.2 Adds Background Audio, Better Sound Engine

microtonesDeveloper Szymon Kaliski let us know that MicroTones – a microtonal synthesizer for iOS – has been updated to version 1.2. The new version is a completely rewritten application, featuring full support for new devices (including iPhone 5 and iPad mini), improved engine, new interface and background audio.

Here’s what’s new in Microtones 1.2

  • optimization for newer devices (including iPhone 5 & iPad mini)
  • better sound engine (support for up to forty simultaneous sine waves)
  • background audio
  • new improved interface

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The MicroTone – A Microtonal Polyphonic Synthesizer For The iPad

microtone-ipad-synthesizerDeveloper Olivier Zurkirchen has introduced The Microtone – a microtonal polyphonic synthesizer and OSC controller for the iPad.

He has also released OSynth – a free microtonal synth for Mac & WIndows. The Microtone can be used as a tablet controller interface for playing OSynth.

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