Kong Audio Releases Chinee Orchestra SE, ‘A Chinese Sound Palette For All’

chinee-orchestraKong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra SE (Standard Edition), a collection of 27 classical Chinese instruments, plus one set of Chinese percussion.

Chinee Orchestra SE (Standard Edition) is the streamlined version of Chinee Orchestra FE (Full Edition), a sample-based VSTi. Chinee Orchestra SE contains 27 Chinese instruments and one set of Chinese percussion, covering the most common instruments used for composing Chinese music.

Here’s an example of Chinee Orchestra SE in action: Continue reading

Boom 808 – A Virtual TR-808 For The iPad


Pulse Code has released Boom 808 – a virtual TR-808 for the iPad.

Boom 808 offers Audiobus compatibility, background audio, and audio export options. Along with the classic drum sounds, Boom 808 has a built in compressor that is ‘tuned to add punch to your drum beats’. Soft saturation overdrive rounds out the signal chain.

Using Boom 808 with Audiobus allows you to add any number of Audiobus compatible effects, as well as record your beats into the app of your choice. Boom 808 can be sequenced with the internal step sequencer or via CoreMIDI.

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Toontrack Announces EZdrummer 2 Update

Toontrack has introduced the second generation of its drum production software; EZdrummer 2.

“This is not just an update or a new digit added to the logo, it’s a completely new program, overhauled down to the tiniest detail”, says Toontrack CEO Peter Knutsson.

EZdrummer 2 introduces a variety of new songwriting features, a new user interface, a remodeled audio engine, a new mixer with easy-to-use effect chains, two new sound libraries, as well as a selection of percussion.

Coinciding with the release of EZdrummer 2, the entire line of sound library expansions (EZXs) will be updated with new effect chains and graphics optimized for EZdrummer 2.  Continue reading

Arturia Intros Vox Continental-V Virtual Organ

vox-continentalMusikmesse 2014: Arturia today introduced VOX Continental-V, a new virtual instrument for Mac & Windows that recreates the sound of the classic Vox Continental 300.

The Vox Continental 300 transistor-based organ was used on some of the most famous songs of the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and beyond. It was prominently featured on many hit records of the time, including The Animals’ House Of The Rising Sun in 1964 and, a little later, Light My Fire by The Doors. It also featured prominently in The Beatle’s 1965 performance at New York’s Shea Stadium. Continue reading

Korg Gadget Update Adds Audiobus Support, Pro Features


Korg today released an update to Gadget – its virtual studio for the iPad.

The update adds support for Audiobus and introduces new ‘pro’ features, including increased maximum bar length and automation parameter edit support. Plus ‘Increased Japanese’!

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Aria Violinist – A Virtual Violin For Kontakt


Aria Sounds has introduced Aria Violinist, a new solo violin instrument for Kontakt,

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Like the cello sound we previously released, we have once again worked with a world class violinist, getting the perfect tone and massive range right into the highest but still crystal clear notes. The vibrato in the samples was also planned in such a way that it gives an extra human level, but isn’t controlled by software, allowing it to breathe more like a real instrument rather than sound like a ‘Kontakt instrument’.

Here’s a video demo: Continue reading