Driftnote Gets ‘Rude’ With Max For Live

Driftnote Rec has released MiniRude 1.1 for Max For Live. Inspired by the Arturia Minibrute, this monophonic synth has the characteristics of classic and modern analogue synths, including timbres outside traditional synthesis.

MiniRude v1.1  screenshot

MiniRude 1.1 Product Features:

  • bit crushing
  • 4 oscillators, one noise generator
  • monophonic, velocity-sensitive
  • Self-oscillating, variable state filter
  • Sub oscillator -1, – 2
  • 1 phase inverting LFO with, 5 different wave forms, AM and FM capabilities

Developer Omar Rivero says of MiniRude: “It can get pretty glitchy & rude!”

MiniRude v1.1  ArtcoverPricing and availability. MiniRude 1.1 is available for download for $5.00 US. More information available at the Driftnote Tumblr page.

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