Source Audio Releases Soundblox Hub Manager


Source Audio has released the Soundblox Hub Manager, a free companion software application for the Soundblox Hub v1.

The Soundblox Hub connects up to five of Source Audio’s Soundblox 2 effects pedals, unlocking their MIDI capabilities and turning them into a powerful multi-effects processor and switching system.

TheSource_Audio_Soundblox_Hub_v1 Hub allows users to save the on/off states, knob positions, and external control assignments of each connected pedal to create up to 128 unique multi-pedal presets (or “scenes”). Simply dial in a sound with the pedals, then save the state of the entire pedal board with a single button press on the Hub. Scenes can then be recalled with any external MIDI foot-switcher or device that sends MIDI Program Change messages.

The Hub Manager makes it easy to create and edit scenes, name them, export/import scene files, and share them with other Hub owners.

The graphics are designed to make it simple to understand the components of each pedal board scene – simply click a pedal image to reveal a straightforward graphic display of that pedal’s knob settings and external control assignments. The Hub connects to all Windows or Mac computers with a standard USB cable.

The Hub and Hub Manager also take full advantage of Source Audio’s digital approach to effect processing. Through software and firmware updates, Source Audio has the power to periodically update and improve products already released to the market. The Hub Manager gives users the ability to easily download and organize new firmware updates.

In addition, the Soundblox Hub, with its USB, 5-pin MIDI, and Multi-Function ports, provides many tremendous opportunities for future Source Audio products. Currently, Source Audio is developing a flexible and highly configurable MIDI foot controller as well as a dedicated effects loop add-on device that makes it possible to integrate any classic analog or digital effects pedal into the Soundblox Hub’s scene saving and effect switching system.

Here’s a video overview of the system:

See the Source Audio site for more info.

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