The 10 Best New MIDI Controllers Of 2014


Last year was an interesting one for electronic music gear.

In 2014, manufacturers went beyond the tried-and-true keyboard MIDI controller – adding features like Bluetooth wireless connectivity, new form factors and better multi-platform support. We’d like to see consistent support for legacy DIN MIDI connectors – but maybe that will come in 2015!

In our second lookback at the Best of 2014, we take a look the 10 best new MIDI controllers of 2014.


MIDI Controllers:

What’s your pick for the best MIDI controller of 2014? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

17 thoughts on “The 10 Best New MIDI Controllers Of 2014

  1. Thomann has the Trigger Finger Pro at 199euro right now, (it was 249 a few days ago and b-stock was 229), Ive ordered one as it seems unbeatable at that price, dont even want/need the bundled software. only fault is no midi input(for my keyboard) but I can live with that

    1. I agree. I’m overwhelmed by it’s playability…it feels like an INSTRUMENT in the face of so many plastic “controllers.”

      1. I’m a happy – if also slightly overwhelmed – Linnstrument owner, too. I cannot lie: this thing is a real instrument, and it’s taking me awhile to learn it. But it is also simply fucking awesome. I remember the first time I got to the point where I was just jammin’ on it, and I couldn’t help myself, I just started laughing at how fun and cool it is.

  2. I’ve been delaying the purchase of a foot controller while waiting for the Positive Grid BT pedal to come out to use with their Jamup app. Since summer 2013 they’ve been claiming it was only a month or two away. (It is now deep in winter/January 2015 and their website is still promising “Fall 2014″…)

    I give up.

    I just ordered a Line 6 pedal with amp modeling… Would have preferred the Jamup but suspect the BT pedal is vaporware

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