The Best New Hardware Synths Of 2014


2014 was a big year for electronic music gear and 2015 promises to be even bigger.

In our previous Best of 2014 articles, we’ve looked at the best new MIDI controllers and the best new modular synth gear and there were many interesting introductions in both category.

It was an equally interesting year for synth hardware. Here’s our take on the best new hardware synths of 2014:


The 10 Best New Hardware Synthesizers Of 2014


It was such a great year for synths that it was hard to narrow the list down to just 10! Here are some of the other great new synths introduced in 2014:

Check out the list and let us know what you think! Did you think 2014 was a good year for synths? And what’s your favorite new synth from 2014?

27 thoughts on “The Best New Hardware Synths Of 2014

  1. Heck yeah it was a good year for gear. The Pro2 is awesome, one of my favorite synths of all time. The Sub 37 is a win for Moog. The DSI Prophet 12 gets an honorable as well.

  2. What about Elektron’s Analog Keys? Didn’t that come out very early in 2014? But not counting as it’s basically an A4 with keybed, or what? It’s a beast, obviously, so defo should be on the list!

    1. Never seen any of his machines, seem to see some turn up on the second hand market.
      Comical synths with no patch memories .He doesn’t like the fact he bragged about they where assembled by companies dealing in armaments, but this seem to have bitten him on the arse.

  3. DSI Pro 2, E Analog keys, Moog 37, Dominon 1 & last but not least the Modulus 002.
    What an awesome year for polys, admittedly these are expensive machine but nothing compared to what they used to be. I hope 2015 brings us more of the same. Ive had a go on a Modulus 002 (plug for A-wave in Melbourne here) & that was very good, although not finished.
    Looking fwd to the next period of poly/para synth history & see what comes out this year – Korg, Arturia, Yamaha, Roland & Nord I’m looking at you guys.

  4. I put the Roland VR-09 under “Electronic Music Hardware” because it blurs the line between several things, but as just a keyboard, its like a workstation minus the sequencer. Having a soft-Gaia as its synth is a real plus. It offers a lot of real-time flexibility in useful areas, especially in the effects-knob section. Otherwise, it’d have to be the DSI Pro2 as the overall synth king, because it will both speak and listen to every connective format. The paraphonic aspect is the Best of Class, too. Both of these instruments could be used to control a couple of outboard synths and a Lexicon or EH pedal as a Send, with killer results.

  5. Somehow I feel that the analog hype has reached its maximum peak in 2015. The return of the Elka speaks for itself.
    As soon as a smart company will produce new digital hardware (not software, not controller) that it’s REALLY DIFFERENT, it will be the game changer.

    I’m too bored by the old 70’s paradigm, not to talk of how much I hate to make music with a laptop with software and controllers.
    I see no fresh ideas since a loooong time. Wake up market!

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