Summer NAMM: Roland System-1 Update

At the 2015 Summer NAMM Show, we talked with Roland rep Peter Brown, who gave us an overview of the latest System-1 update, and also a summary of the various versions of the System-1.

The line now includes:

For more details on the System-1 update, see the Roland System-1 Version 1.2 video overview. More info on the System-1 is available at the Roland Aira site.

5 thoughts on “Summer NAMM: Roland System-1 Update

  1. Roland needs to work on their System-1 message. With all the versions they have of System-1, I’d bet that they’re confusing a lot of people.

  2. I think you’re right and I think what you’re seeing now in this presentation is their go at a marketing PR reset. Basically, the release of these Aira branded products was a bit skippy in their timing, not to mention getting people to really understand the plug-out concept. I’m still not totally impressed about System-1m owners not getting any plug-out freebies like the System-1 owners did but, they got me, I’m a happy customer with the System-1m.

    1. Roland has reinvented themselves with their AIRA stuff – across the board it sounds good and generally offers a good value for the money. The new modular stuff is especially cool.

      The System-1 line is getting damn confusing, though. Trying to figure out what I’d need to run one of the System-1 synths in my DAW just makes my brain hurt, because you have the hardware synth, the plug out synth, the plug in synth and the stand alone synth.


      Plus – the other Plug-Out synths can run on the System-1. Or you can buy them separately and run them in your DAW. I think.

      It would be better if the System-1 standalone/plugin app came with the hardware synths and could also be bought separately for people who don’t need the hardware.

      And with the other synth engines, they should sell it once and let you run it on any of the platforms, like a lot of companies do with virtual instrument for VST/AU/AAX. They’d probably be ahead in the long run, because the system wouldn’t confuse the heck out of people.

      1. It’s not really all that complicated or confusing in the end.

        1) There are Roland plugins: SH-101, SH-2, PROMARS…and they run in a DAW like any other VST or AU plugin.

        2) If you have SYSTEM-1 or 1m you can dump those plugins into your hardware for stand-alone use (and any extra functions added by SYSTEM-1m’s semi-modular abilities).

        3) There is also a plugin of the SYSTEM-1 itself that works like any other VST or AU plugin. (see point#1).

        That’s it!

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