Raymond Scott Festival, ScottWorks, Next Saturday, Sept 8, 2018

ScottWorks: The Raymond Scott Festival, a one day exploration of electronic music visionary and pioneer Raymond Scott is coming next Saturday, September 8th.

The event will be held at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, and will feature Herb Deutsch, co-inventor of the Moog Synthesizer, and Hal Willner, Grammy Winning music producer who Executive Produced the first Raymond Scott reissue, Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights.

ScottWorks will feature Scott’s early music – famous for defining the sound of classic cartoons; his electronic music and electronic music instrument designs; his relationship with Bob Moog and other pioneers; musical performances and more.

ScottWorks Schedule:

9:00 am
Registration – complimentary coffee and pastries from Porto’s

10:00 am
Welcoming Remarks

10:10 am
Raymond’s Merry Melodies: An animated conversation

11:00 am
The 1937-’39 Quintette Music: Inside the notes and chords

11:40 am
The Inventions – From the Mind of Raymond Scott: Creations Known and Unknown

12:30 pm
Raymond Scott’s Music in Film: Powerhouse and Beyond

1:10 pm

2:20 pm
Musical Moment #1 – Raymond Scott’s Suite for Violin and Piano with Jeremy Cohen and Chiacheng Sen

2:50 pm
Raymond Scott and Bob Moog: Decades of Friendship and Collaboration

3:40 pm
Celebration on the Planets Mars and Saturn: Raymond Scott and Sun Ra

4:20 pm
The Electronium: History, restoration, reincarnation

5:10 pm
Musical Moment #2 – Beth Sorrentino (piano, voice) and Michael Antony Whelan (guitar, bass and keyboard) perform renditions of Raymond Scott compositions, reflecting his genre-hopping diversity.

5:30 pm
Reception (featuring DJ Alxndr)

8:00 pm

See the event site for details.

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