Moog One Updated With Real-Time Tuning Calibration

Moog Music has released a firmware update for the Moog One synthesizer that introduces a new feature, ‘Oscillator Compensation’, to improve tuning accuracy and consistency.

Here’s what they have to say about the new feature:

Oscillator Compensation is a new update to Moog One’s tuning algorithm that provides real-time tuning compensation across the range of the instrument.

Even if your Moog One is well-tuned and calibrated, running the Oscillator Compensation will improve tuning perception and performance.

The update also features 20 new patches.

Moog also announced a new album of compositions by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna, documenting her continued explorations of Moog One’s capabilities. These tracks were composed using 12 of the new presets designed for the v1.4.0 release:

The album is available to purchase as a digital download. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to AFRORACK, an audio arts organization committed to providing children and young adults of color access to modular synthesizers and sound design tools. Moog Music will be matching all donations.

11 thoughts on “Moog One Updated With Real-Time Tuning Calibration

  1. I always wondered when one of these modern analogs was going to do this. They’re already updating the oscillator CV’s at 48k or higher (The sequential stuff updates at 24khz)…. and they’re already sampling the oscillator and filter outputs for autotune, so it only takes a few microseconds to peak at the oscillator output in real-time and update the pitch CV’s with new calibration each time…

    Personally I think a lot of modern analog synths could do with real-time tuning de-calibration 😉 but cool feature anyway

  2. I sold mine like an asshole. One day i will get it back. It sounds unbelievable and jam-packed with FX. Didnt dig the sequencer though. The Matrixbrute and the Manther are pretty solid. Even the OP-1 endless sequencer is on to something.

  3. Moog gives “boutique” a good name. I’d expect for them to keep pampering their flagship, but its still a welcome, pragmatic update. I’ve owned three Moogs & loved them, but once I began to branch out into digital & a DAW, I sold one & finally gave two away, both to newbies. Every starting synth person should own at least one Moog early on & not just Animoog; it has to be hardware! IMO, keys help you “feel” it better when you start out, so a Phatty or Subsequent model would be ideal. Then sell plasma long enough to add a DFAM to it.

    1. “Then sell plasma long enough to add a DFAM to it.”
      Dang, you just sold me on that. It goes to a good cause too; eh?

  4. so, if I understand correctly, Moog released a 8000 eu synth which did not tune correctly? No wonder I find their sound wobbly and loose. Oh sorry, it says “accuracy and consistency”. LOL

  5. I had one for a few weeks. It was my dream synth until I owned it. The loud fan, bad tuning, and lackluster reverb made me realize it wasn’t quite my dream. Lesser things like a low quality of rough wood on the case also weighed in my decision to return it.

    1. I think there is not one synth I own or have owned , that would have gone the same way
      not one of them is / was perfect from start , and in worst case …. stays that way ( roland being a champion for that, lucky if you get more than one firmware update from them)

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