Elektron Machinedrum X.04 Unofficial Firmware Dub Test

Soon Come shared this dub-style demo of the Elektron Machinedrum, running the unofficial X.04 firmware.

The update adds tonal pitch control, new LFO shapes, new GND machines (saw, square, noise), trig preview and more.

It’s extremely rare for a piece of gear of this age to get an update, let alone a third party update – so if you’ve tried the new firmware, share your thoughts on it in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Elektron Machinedrum X.04 Unofficial Firmware Dub Test

  1. Not a very good demo. Apart from being a nice bit of music it gives absolutely no idea what new features are being tested and when to look out for them. Plus the filter obscures anything you might have gleaned from looking at the MD screen. To be clear although the new features are a welcome addition I wouldn’t shit myself over them. However I would literally shit myself if some kind of probability based or conditional sequencing got added to the MD

    1. Read the headline again, It’s a test, not a demo, why would someone need a demo for an unofficial update free of charge for a long discontinued machine? It’s enough to Rtf list of features

      1. What’s the point in making a test video for other people to watch if nobody knows wtf is going on? Everything I hear in this “test” can already be done with an MD as far as I can tell. If OP has made the video to on any way highlight any of the new features of the OS he has failed totally and no amount of bickering over whether it’s a “test not a demo” will change that

        1. Here’s an idea. How about you make your own video, upload it here, and then post all your complaints about it.

        2. Why are you so pissed off and have so much to say about a video you don’t like, if no amount of commenting will persuade you otherwise why bothering?
          Ask yourself, how you commenting about how shit it is helping anyone?

          1. I wouldn’t have to look far on this website to find comments from you pissing and moaning about something gadi – so less of the pot & kettle there mate

  2. Get a megacommand live for this, which is a tiny arduino midi controller with integrated software for the MD and you are bang upto date with all the other stuff, modern sequencer, probability, file management, arpeggiator.

    These guys have done an amazing job, MD has 16 tracks so you have enough to dedicate to oscillator polyphony (which MDL can control), ram play record machines for slicing samples or incoming audio, the multiple drum synthesis engines, play some samples.

    The MD and MDL combination is like a modular system in a box if you’ll forgive the terrible cliche its just, i believe in the elektron amendment, I’ll give you my machinedrum when you pry it from my cold, dead hands

  3. If you add a megacommand live, which is an arduino based midi controller wtih dedicated firmware for MD, you get everything in a modern drum machine, probability, polyphony, arpeggiator, there really isnt anything out there like it other than modular

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