XILS Announces KaoX, The Love Child Of FM + Analog Synthesis

XILS-lab has introduced KaoX, a new virtual instrument that they say is inspired by “a legendary FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer”, but augmented with virtual analogue sound synthesis and additional chaotic algorithms in a two-layer architecture.

It’s like the wild love child of FM synthesis and analog subtractive synthesis.


    • Two layers, Four effects, Easy to tweak
      • The layers can be played Single, Double or Split
      • Two independent Arpeggiators, Playing mode or Unison
      • Easy access to Vibrato or Tremolo
      • Four effects with independent routing
    • All main parameters at a glance
      • One Advanced Panel for tweaking the various modules
      • FM Algorithm Matrix, always available when needed
      • Contextual help windows
      • Global view with active modules illuminated
    • FM Synthesis
      • 8 operators
      • 2 outputs
      • The 8 operators are grouped in 2 banks with independent pitch. This typical architecture is useful for creating chorus like FM sounds or punchy stereo presets.
      • Each operator features:
        • One LFO
        • One envelope
        • Wheel and After touch access
        • Two user define external modulators (to be assign to any KaoX modulation sources)
        • Keyboard follower 2D pad
        • Ratio or absolute frequency
        • Low pass filter
  • Analog Synthesis – two layers, each with:
    • 2 continuous waveform analog oscillators
    • 2 zero-delay like analog filters
    • 4 envelopes D-ADSR
    • 4 outputs VCA
  • Chaotic Algorithms
    • 2 chaotic oscillators and 2 chaotic modulators
  • 4 tracks sequencer
    • Each track can be assigned to the lower and/or upper layer
    • Each track can have independent sustain/gating
    • Each track can be used as a source of modulation
  • Preset Manager
    • Single Window integrated Preset Manager: Find the right patch in seconds, manage presets, soundbanks and create your own tags.
    • More than 500 presets created by Nori Ubukata, Soundsdivine, Tom Wolfe, Zensound, Mikael Adle, Xenos, Status, Yuli-Yolo and others….

Pricing and Availability:

KaoX is available now with an intro price of 99,00 €. Note that iLok (iLok1,2,3 and Soft) is required.

15 thoughts on “XILS Announces KaoX, The Love Child Of FM + Analog Synthesis

    1. Yeah, I thought awesome! Until I saw some kind of screen.

      I hate the whole cocktease “make commercial with a hardware looking image of your VST”.

      1. A good instrument is good whether it’s a softsynth or a 35 year-old hunk of metal with slowly decaying hand-soldered components. By putting up mental fences, you stop yourself from discovering something new. It’s a bit like declaring “I only make music with a lute, cello and tape loops, because that’s the only way to make *real* music.”

        1. That’s true but if you make it look like a physical instrument with product shots and then you find it’s a plugin there’s inevitably a sense of disappointment.

          1. Exactly. SkeuomorphIsm is marketing crutch to draw attention.

            I didn’t say anything about the sound.

            But, you’re right – I don’t use a PC to make music. Never will. It will rot right there next to protools.

  1. At first I thought it was a real instrument.. and thought… “yeah.. $2000 – $4000? ” Oh! but its just a VST! 😛

  2. It sounds amazing, and it does analog polysynth sounds in some ways bettr than the Repro-5! I don’t care if it takes up to 30% CPU on a gaming pc that has 16GB RAM and an AMD Ryzen 3700X. Renoise can automatically sample that instrument anyway.

  3. the title says XILS- XILS make vsts, some (in my ( non pro) opinion) of the best, including this which was an instant buy. Its a beautiful sounding and deep instrument, that realy shows how far vst’s have come over the last couple of years.

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