New MIDI Controller Inspired By Mid-Century Modern ‘Futuro’ House

Gilles Mustar (aka gilou) shared this short demo of MidiQuintet, a MIDI controller that’s inspired by the mid-century modern ‘Futuro’ house.

“My aim was to feel like conducting a quintet at the tip of my fingers,” notes Mustar. “Each joystick can be programmed to control any synth or virtual instrument. Here, each joystick controls the intensity/volume of one instrument and a filter (low pass, reverb, and drive). Clicks mute and unmute the instrument.”

The Futuro house, above is a prefabricated design, created by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the late ’60s. The futuristic design is reminiscent of a flying saucer.

The brain of MidiQuintet is a Teensy microcontroller, which is inexpensive and has USB MIDI built-in. The body is 3D printed.

In the above demo, the synth pad sounds are from TAL-NoiseMaker and the melodic sound is from Ableton’s Operator. The granular piano and the choir are from Spitfire Audio’s free Labsirtual instruments and the low pass filter from Arturia.

5 thoughts on “New MIDI Controller Inspired By Mid-Century Modern ‘Futuro’ House

  1. Though the way that video was shot makes the playing of it look a little more awkward than would otherwise be, — it does illustrate a pretty nice little form factor.

    It seems to make good use of the digits to provide some simultaneous control streams. 5 joysticks — for either hand, seems like a cool concept.

    Not for me, but I applaud this kind of clever thinking.

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