Build A Modular Synth In Reaktor In 5 Minutes

This video is kind of cool – it shows, in about 5 minutes, how to create a modular synthesizer in Native Instruments Reaktor

Unfortunately, the construction is not narrated, but it’s pretty easy to follow anyway. 

via nukebass:

A very basic DIY tutorial to beginners (like me) showing how to build a basic modular synthesizer in FIVE MINUTES inside Reaktor 5.1.

Reaktor itself, comes with a large variety of tools to make modular audio stuff… powerful software indeed! You can build virtually ANYTHING you would imagine regarding audio effects or instruments! 

2 thoughts on “Build A Modular Synth In Reaktor In 5 Minutes

  1. Easy to follow?!
    heh … yaaa … if you got a handful of whatever mushrooms he’s on!

    Gotta luv the way he sets things up then deletes them …
    … gives that persona “OMFG what was I trying to do?!” feel to it.

  2. You’re right – a little narration would have gone a long way to make this make sense.

    I’ve used Reaktor before, so my perspective is probably skewed a bit!

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