The 10 Best DAWs In The World (2012 Synthtopia DAW Reader Poll)

What’s the best DAW in the world?

We asked and readers weighed in, with 10,152 votes and more than 190 comments.

Readers made clear that they are passionate about their digital audio workstation, debating the merits of polls like this as passionately as they defended their DAW of choice.

There is no ‘perfect DAW’ – because different people have different needs. And there’s no perfect way to compare them.

But the outpouring of votes and the quality of discussion suggest that, not only are today’s DAWs more powerful than ever, but that they are worth getting excited about.

Here’s how the votes stacked up……

The 10 Best DAWs In The World

  1. FL Studio
  2. Ableton Live
  3. PreSonus Studio One
  4. Apple Logic
  5. Propellerhead Reason
  6. Renoise
  7. Cockos Reaper
  8. Cubase
  9. Avid Pro Tools
  10. Cakewalk Sonar

Let us know what you think of the results!

191 thoughts on “The 10 Best DAWs In The World (2012 Synthtopia DAW Reader Poll)

  1. Pointless to argue. Compare, contrast, debate, but I’ve tried most of those and they all rock for different reasons. Everyone has different styles and taste. As long as I’m creating I’m happy, fl studio is not fruity loops any more and it kicks ass. I prefer reason but I wouldn’t down play any of them.

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  2. How could you POSSIBLY think FL Studio is the best. Are you crazy? Just kidding. You sum it all up perfectly.

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  3. Amazing how you’ve managed to get the list almost precisely the wrong way up! After trying them all X2 Producer is the clear No.1

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  4. FL Studio is terrible. sorry. ive tried all the versions.. some of the worst sound ive ever heard apart from audacity

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  5. Well i would have to say preSonus Studio one, less work around functions and it dosen’t tax you on power and its windows based have you up and going in seconds its off the hook many artist are switching over to it than Pro tools and Logic, But as the saying goes the proof is in the mix and what you like…

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