New Granular Synth For iPad, iPulsaret

apeSoft has released iPulsaret, a new app that brings the powerful Density/Pulsaret (Mac/Win standalone) Granular Synthesis tools to the iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about iPulsaret:

iPulsaret is a new real-time software capable of all time-domain varieties of granular synthesis. A genuine granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects: time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, recording and manipulation of buffers, dynamic envelope shape and many more. iPulsaret for iPad will give you all the basic and advanced tools you need to manipulate sound in subtle and surprising ways.

All these features are packed in an optimized, user-friendly, visually sharp interface that is easy to access when fast-improvising live, composing in a studio, or sound designing at home and on the go! You will have the power, freedom, and flexibility to create like never before – on your iPad! iPulsaret allows you to load from some built-in sound samples, record audio directly with your iPad mic and/or add your own WAV, AIFF files via iTunes.

With iPulsaret it is possible to capture the stereo output (of granulation) into the documents folder while play the keyboard or moving granulation parameters in real-time.

Here’s a video demo of iPulsaret:


  • 16 Polyphony Voices
  • ADSR Note Envelope
  • Aftertouch Y scrubbing
  • Snapshots Presets and Snapshots Morphing Pad
  • Documents folder sharing via iTunes
  • Sonoma Audio Copy and Paste
  • Dropbox Supports
  • Sound File and Snapshots rename
  • Granulation Wave source: Prototypes WavePad, Trainlet and Sampled Sound
  • Grain Envelope Deformation
  • Grain Glisson sweep
  • Grainlet linkage
  • FX chain: Echo, Ring Modulation, Lowpass Moog Diode Ladder and High Shelf filters, Reverb FDN and Dynamic Compressor/Expander
  • Record audio directly with iPad mic
  • Auto load audio after recorded ( on/off ) in Grab Audio
  • Capture Master Audio Output
  • Run Audio in Background
  • Sliders and Knobs double tap switch to Default/Last values
  • Sliders and Knobs Fine step increment/decrement
  • Fine exponential Slider
  • Settings: AfterTouch Y step
  • Settings: Load last UI state
  • Settings: Polyphony Grains Overlapping Controls
  • Settings: Sampling Rate and Buffer Size
  • Quick Help embedded

iPulsaret is available in the App Store for $8.99.

Note: No mention is made of MIDI support at this time.

If you’ve used iPulsaret, let us know what you think of it!

24 thoughts on “New Granular Synth For iPad, iPulsaret

  1. watch out, discchord has noted the current version doesn’t support iOS 5, only 6, but there was a mixup with apple and a new version will support 5. I am holding off upgrading till I’m know all my main apps work correctly under 6 so this was important news to me

  2. But seriously. It has always been a feast in my home whenever a new granular synth comes out for ios. And this one looks really exiting. iDensity with keyboard. I remember when the XY snapshot pad came to iDensity. I was ectatic:) Looking forward to try this one aswell:)

  3. After playing with it some minutes now, I have found one issue with it. The “restore default values” button not only restores values, but also the sample you use and jumps back to the default sample. That should be fixed at once. In iDensity it restores everything exept the sample. This way one can actually use it live. Thats impossible in iPulsaret as off now. Please fix this.

    1. The main differrence is the keyboard and iPulsarets Grain wave source which iDensity dont have, and of course the little reset issue I mentioned earlier.
      But the keyboard is a huge difference actually. In iPulsarete you can use your granular sample and play notes (as in Padshop if you know that), but in iDensity you can only do a playback of the grained out sample.

      I feel these two apps compliments each other very well.

  4. I’m really liking this app. The demo above shows a lot of stuff I didn’t think of (e.g., Y-aftertouch). I’m going to play with this one for a while. Also can’t wait to see what Borderlands brings to the table. It seems the iPad has uniquely been good for granular synthesis with Curtis, Grain Science, etc.

  5. it’s cool. and it is different from grain science.

    one bug i found: when the y axis controller is supposed to be assigned to file scanning, it goes to file jitter. i figure it’a an easy fix . . .

    it would be nice to have an x axis control (a la ppg wave generator) to further mess with stuff.

    and the restore issue others noted.

    i always assume people will fix this stuff.

    there’s some nice stuff in here. looking forward to doing more with it.

    1. Thanks for listening to users and also giving feedback.

      Please let us know when the update is out. I will check it out if it adds MIDI support!

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