Using Roland TR-8 As A V-Drums Sound Module

This video, via rolandmedia, is a quick demo of using the Roland TR-8 live as a sound module.

Nate Morton, drummer for The Voice, demonstrates how he uses a Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer as a sound module with a TD-15KV V-Drums kit.

Why use the TR-8, vs the built-in sounds?

According to Roland, “direct sound control and the sound detail of ACB may play a factor. If the music director wants more low end on the kick or a snappier snare sound, Nate has full control from the surface knobs and sliders, unlike the TD-15 sound module.”

Additional details on the setup are available at Roland’s site.

14 thoughts on “Using Roland TR-8 As A V-Drums Sound Module

  1. It would be really interesting to compare the TD-8 with the built-in 808 and 909 kits for the TD sound module. (I have a TD-30 kit, if someone wants to send me a TR-8 in the interests of science, I’m, you know, down for it… 🙂 )

  2. I agree; let’s hand it to the group for a great demo. The good explanations & good playing told me what I wanted to know most. More of this form, please.

    I’m simply unsold on the TR-808 sound. Its too nostalgic and lo-res for me. When I use any samples from it, they’re layered with real drums or effects percussion. I give them points for a unique sort of beef, but they’re not dynamic enough as is. I’ve come too far now, so I am spoiled. 😛 OTOH, Roland’s percussion gear all but uniformly rocks and Nate knows how to bring it out. Gimme a HandSonic drum any day.

  3. Anybody know if the TR-8 is capable of sensing velocity? Did not sound like it from this demo. If not, your just better off using the 808 / 909 sounds in the TD -15.

  4. I’d be interested to know if the V-Drums come with built-in sound sets of the TR808 and 909 and how they fare against the TR-8.

    1. V-Drums do come with 808 and 909 sounds built in. Have not heard them side by side with a TR-8. But I do know they are more tweakable in the V-Drum modules.

    2. They do have the built in soundsets that are as tweakable as all the other drumkits — it’s not like there’s a Rebirth-esque interface to them to control synth params though (on my TD-30 module at least).

  5. my biggest dilemma with v drums is the single output…and the tr 8 inly has 3…so much for multi track recording….speaking of which…anyone know of any software a roland module works seamlessly with???

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