Moog Theremini Software Editor Now Available For Mac, PC


Moog Music has introduced their new Advanced Software Editor for the Theremini, available for both Macs and PCs:

The Editor lets you access new layers of the Theremini’s synth engine, unlocking new synthesis options. You can create new sounds for the Theremini, modify existing presets, and share sounds with with others.

The Moog Theremini Advanced Software Editor also includes a library of new presets to use or to tweak further.

Note: The Editor does not make sound by itself – it’s an editor/librarian app for the Theremini.

The Theremini Advanced Software Editor is a free download for registered Theremini owners. For more information about the Theremini, see the Moog Music site. Moog previously released the Theremini Advanced Software Editor for iPad.

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