How To Use MIDI In An All Hardware Setup


Many people are going to look at the recently introduced Novation Launch Control XL as a cool MIDI controller for Ableton Live.

But the fact that you can edit what each knob, slider and button does means that it can be repurposed to do almost anything.

In the video below, Novation’s Chris Calcutt demonstrates using the Launch Control XL as a control center for an all-hardware setup. Calcutt flies through his discussion, but it highlights the importance of the 30 year old MIDI standard and how it lets you assemble complex rigs that combine new and old hardware and software: Continue reading

OKTAKONTROL, A Dedicated MIDI Controller For The Elektron OktaTrack


AG-KW has released a second series of their OKTAKONTROL controller for the Elektron OctaTrack sampler.

The OKTAKONTROL is a custom MIDI Controller for the OctaTrack. The Oktakontrol is designed to fit perfectly with the Octatrack. It is the same width & height and its sockets are at the side panel, so you can place both machines directly next each other. It offers 8 high-precision faders and 9 buttons to control the tracks on the Octatrack

Here’s the official intro video, featuring Prof. Okto von P: Continue reading

New 808 + 909 Sound Library For Octatrack

goldbaby-808-303Elektron has introduced Caught on Tape: 808+909, a drum machine sample library for the Octatrack.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Classics never go out of style. The Roland TR-808 and TR-909 are legendary drum machines, cherished and praised for their sound and percussive abilities. Goldbaby has pulled out all the stops and carefully recorded these revered machines using an Ampex 351 1/2″ valve 2 track tape machine. The result is warm, round and beautifully saturated analog sounds – perfect sample material for the Octatrack.

The sound pack is specifically made for the Octatrack. Included is an Octatrack set featuring 1 project, 16 patterns and 4 parts. Also included are 16 scenes per part, providing a great starting point for experimenting with the demo patterns.

Here are the official audio demos: Continue reading

Octatrack Meets Eurorack Modular

This video, via TweakersTV, takes a look working with a Eurorack modular synthesizer, particularly DPO from Make Noise, in combination with Elektron Octatrack.

Octatrack’s MIDI track is sequencing the modular, then the modular’s final output is connected to Octatrack’s audio input for realtime sampling. Sampled sounds are looped and processed to create few different layers then mixed with modular’s direct sound.

Technical details below.  Continue reading

Elektron Octatrack OS 1.0 Now Available

The Octatrack is now out of beta – Elektron has released v1.0 of the OS for the Octatrack DPS-1.

Here’s what they have to say about the release:

We have just uploaded OS 1.0 for the Octatrack DPS-1. It is the single biggest Octatrack OS update so far and greatly improves the machine.

The OS features our most advanced MIDI sequencing offering to date. The eight dedicated MIDI tracks include assignable MIDI LFOs and customizable MIDI arpeggiators, allowing for both in-depth and experimental control of all relevant MIDI parameters.

The Flex and Static machines have seen improvements as well. The added parameters and the enhanced slice functionality make it easier than ever to shape audio material in new and rewarding ways.

Apart from these two major features a lot of other things have been refined. The user interface has been tweaked for easier interaction with the machine, more flexible methods of sampling have been implemented and the new personalize menu lets a user fine tune several aspects of the Octatrack workflow.

The Octatrack manual has been heavily updated as well. All info about the new features can be found there. Also, be sure to read the release notes bundled with the OS download for a list of all changes. Download OS 1.0 and the new manual in the Octatrack Downloads section.

See the Elektron downloads area for the updated OS and documentation.

If you’re an Octatrack user – let us know what you think of the v1.0 release!