Open Mic: What’s The Best Synth Song Of All Time?

At the beginning of the 70’s, synthesizers were largely considered a novelty. There were dozens of novelty ‘switched on’ albums, ranging from Switched On Beatles to Switched On Buck.

By the end of the decade, though, Keith Emerson had blown minds with his synth solo on Lucky Man, Kraftwerk had created the template for synth pop and Moroder and Summer had transported dance music into the future with I Feel Love. Synths have had a prominent place in music ever since.

What’s the best synth song of all time? Is it one of the 70’s classics, something from the synthpop heyday or something more modern?

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ELP Performs Karn Evil 9 In A Lovely Explosion Of Prog Excess

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It’s Monday, a Hungarian designer has already given the website a makeover and now we’ve got a five minute drum solo for you.

Have we gone insane?

Not completely! But after seeing reader Matt Riddle’s prog keyboard tour, we felt the urge for a little vintage prog rock excess.

And in that respect, ELP’s 1974 performance of Karn Evil 9 definitely delivers.

Before the massive drum solo, Keith Emerson unleashes a torrent of angular riffs on organ and Minimoog. There’s no simulated sex or knife-play in this, but based on what I see at around 1:55, it looks like Emerson can play Karn Evil 9 while chewing gum.

Prog Virtuoso Rachel Flowers Wails On Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular Synthesizer!

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This is the best thing you’re going to see – and hear today.

Rachel Flowers is blind – but that hasn’t kept her from becoming a beast of prog.

The keyboard prodigy recently got permission from Keith Emerson to play on his vintage modular Moog synthesizer.

Emerson was also generous enough to introduce her performance, which quickly moves from heart-warming to face-melting.

You can view the full videos of Flowers’ takes on Trilogy and Hoedown below.

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Keith Emerson Interview On The Moog Modular Synthesizer & The Future of ELP!

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Keith Emerson did an interview with Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality earlier this year as part of a promo for a sample library he’s working on.

In this segment, Emerson tells some great stories about working with his Moog modular synthesizer, the Yamaha GX-1, the origin of the Lucky Man solo, his synth orchestra project and even the future of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

More below!

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Keith Emerson Explains The Moog Modular Synthesizer & Plays Bach Backwards

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After all the iPad music software news today, I thought we needed a bit of old-fashioned giant monster synth goodness.

And who better to deliver it than ELP’s Keith Emerson?

Here, Emerson offers an all-too-short mini-master class in the Moog modular synthesizer and busts out a few riffs.

And just for the hell of it, here’s some gratuitous keyboard wanktology (with backwards Bach) from the master himself, in his younger days.  Continue reading