New Polyphonic Modular Synth For iOS, KQ MiniSynth

polyphonic-modular-software-synthDeveloper Ryouta Kira has introduced KQ MiniSynth – a polyphonic modular synthesizer for iOS.

The software modular lets you create patches with up to 100 modules and supports hardware MIDI control and Inter-App Audio.

It requires iOS 6.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This app implements the following modules: Continue reading

LINK to MIDI Delivers ‘Incredibly Stable’ MIDI Clock

Developerlink-to-midi Alexandernaut (Arpeggionome, Fugue Machiune) has released Link to MIDI – a free iOS app that lets you use Ableton Link to sync MIDI Clock on hardware MIDI devices.

Link to MIDI connects Ableton Link to musical devices that support MIDI Clock Sync. Simply join a Link session, connect your MIDI device, and that’s it. Your MIDI device is now Link-enabled.

Link to MIDI makes a connected MIDI device behave like a Link-enabled device.

More specifically, using Link to MIDI’s Play button, you can start and stop the connected device at any time, and the device will start playing, in phase, at the next quantization tick — set by the Launch Quantization parameter on the main interface.

Link to Midi features launch quantization, ‘incredibly stable clock output’, and a fine offset control (±250 ms) to line up the receiving MIDI device’s playback. Continue reading

The Best New Mobile Music Apps Of 2015

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Best of 2015
: We asked and you voted on the Best New Mobile Music Apps of 2015.

Synthtopia readers picked Olympia Noise Co’s Patterning Drum Machine as the best new mobile music app of 2015. Patterning could be the poster child using mobile devices for music, pairing polyrhythmic + polymetric power with a great UI and an surprisingly modest price tag (US $7.99).

The granular synth app Borderlands 2.0 took the second spot in our reader’s poll, followed by Ableton Link – which is not a conventional app, per se, but a new technology that makes it easier to jam with multiple mobile and desktop devices.

Check out the full list below and let us know what you think of the best new mobile music making apps of 2015!   Continue reading

Roli Intros Free Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression Synth, ‘Noise’, For iPhone


Roli today announced the release of Noise, a free app that takes advantage of the expressive music-­making potential of the iPhone.

Stemming from the company’s years of research into “touch­-sensitive musical interfaces,” Noise is a ‘full­-bodied instrument’ that makes use of the 3D touch-sensitive capabilities of the iPhone 6s.

Noise support Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE), which means it can also be used as a sound module with any MPE-compatible controller, like the LinnStrument.

Here are the official intro videos: Continue reading

Auxy For iPhone

Auxy has released Auxy for iPhone – a mobile music app designed to let you ‘focus on your musical ideas and be more creative’.

“Building the iPhone version has helped us clarify our mission: to provide the best tools for mobile creators and make it possible to produce real music just using phones,” says Auxy founder Henrik Lenberg. “The way to get there isn’t by replicating the features you find in today’s desktop apps. The key is to find smart ways to help users make better sounding music, be more creative, and get the full advantage of the underlying technology without having to manage all aspects of it.”

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