Novation Is Giving Away A Classic OSCar Synthesizer

Novation_OSCarNovation is launching a summer-long celebration of its 35+ year heritage with a giveaway of one of the most rare and beloved classic synthesizers, the OSCar.

The celebration also honors Novation’s longtime synthesizer designer, Chris Huggett, who, along with the OSCar programmable monosynth (1983), is also the designer responsible for the WASP monosynth (1978), the single-oscillator Gnat (1981), monophonic analogue Bass Station (1994), analogue-modelling polyphonic Supernova (1998) and others.

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Novation Launches Revamped RGB Launchpad

Novation_Launchpad_MK2Novation has unveiled its newly-revamped Launchpad controller.

Keeping its familiar 8 x 8 pad grid, the updated Launchpad now has glowing RGB pads and a new industrial design.

Designed for easy integration with Ableton Live, the Launchpad’s RGB LEDs match the color of the clips in your Live session view, making it easier to see at a glance what’s playing. Use the color-coordinated pads to launch clips, play drums, start and stop loops, arm tracks, and control volumes, pans and sends – or anything else one can do with Max for Live.
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Novation MoroderNova Synthesizer Inspired By Giorgio Moroder


Novation today made it official: the custom synth featured in Giorgio Moroder’s latest video is the limited edition MoroderNova.

The Novation MoroderNova, above, is a new version of the MiniNova that is pre-loaded with synth patches inspired by the work of Giorgio Moroder and featuring Moroder-inspired styling. Continue reading

Launchpad for iPad Updated With Performance FX

Novation has updated Launchpad for iOS – its freemium loop-based sequencing app – with new ‘Performance FX’.

Performance FX at a glance:

  • New Delay FX and Gater FX, create stunning fills and breakdowns
  • Enhanced Stutter FX and Autofilter FX, add movement and dynamics to your music
  • FX Pads have new animated graphics, focusing you on your performance
  • A new Edit FX screen lets you tweak and perform your FX
  • Track FX routing lets you target fx to specific tracks such as vocals, or drums
  • Fully tweakable FX parameters for deep customization

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