Novation Debuts Max For Live ‘Launchsync’ Solution

Novation_Launchsync_with_devicesToday Novation announced the release of Launchsync, a Max For Live solution for synchronizing controllers when working in “an expansive session view” in Ableton Live.

Created in partnership with Isotonik Studios, Novation’s Launchsync solution synchronizes the user’s Launch devices, allowing them to bank both controllers together around session view. In this way, the user can keep the devices locked to the same tracks.
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Novation Intros Launch Control XL – ‘Ultimate Controller’ For Ableton Live


Novation today introduced Launch Control XL – a new MIDI controller that they call ‘the ultimate controller for Ableton Live’.

According to Novation, the Launch Control XL helps you focus more on your music and less on your laptop, by providing 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders, all of which integrate seamlessly with Live.

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Launchpad App Now Audiobus Compatible

Novation has announced an update to their Launchpad App for iOS.

Launchpad lets you make, record and share music on the iPad by triggering and mixing sounds on a grid. The updated version, v.1.5 lets you output those songs directly into any Audiobus-compatible application.

This opens the door to doing things like:

  • Adding to your songs using GarageBand
  • Applying external effects during live performance
  • Outputting beats straight to Cubasis

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B-Step Sequencer Turns iPad Into Music Sequencing Workstation

b-step-sequencerDeveloper Thomas Arndt has released B-Step Sequencer – an iOS app designed to turn your iPad into a music sequencing workstation.

The sequencer comes with native support for one or two Novation Launchpads. B-Step supports CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI ports, Network MIDI and many MIDI hardware devices. It also supports MIDI Learn, so you can control B-Step’s user interface with any MIDI controller you like. Continue reading