Novation Circuit Updates Firmware, Releases Patch Editor, and MIDI CC Spec

Novation_Circuit_on_tableThis week, Novation announced three different items for Circuit owners: a beta update for the Circuit firmware, a software synth patch editor (via Isotonik Studios), and MIDI CC Specification for the instrument.

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Novation Launches Contest For Launch Owners

Novation-Launch-RangeNovation has announced a contest for owners of their Launch- products, with a first prize of all-expenses paid trip to Berlin. The prize-winner’s trip comes bundled with a week-long course in Ableton Live and a club performance at the end of the trip.

One hundred runners-up will win a ProducerTech course (no travel required), and all contest entrants will receive a Loopmasters sample pack and an Ableton Live performance tutorial video.
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Novation Introduces Circuit, a ‘Grid-Based Groove Box’

Novation has introduced Circuit, a stand-alone, grid-based groove box.

Teased out by Novation with several weeks of “start something”-themed videos, Novation has positioned Circuit as an all-in-one solution for music creation:

“Sometimes, starting a track can be a difficult and daunting task…. We suffer from this problem too and wanted to create a solution.”

“We wanted something small and portable, something that doesn’t sound like a toy, something that gives maximum creative output from minimum input, something that encourages exploration and creates ‘happy accidents’. That’s why we created Circuit.”

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Synthtopia + Novation MoroderNova Giveaway Winner Announced


Congratulations to Peter Bregman, the Synthtopia newsletter subscriber chosen as winner of our giveaway of an exclusive Novation MoroderNova, a new version of the MiniNova that synth patches and styling inspired by Giorgio Moroder.

On hearing that he had won the Novation mini-key synth, Bregman said, “That’s awesome news, thanks!” He continued, ” thanks for running a great website. I check it every day. I was glad to see the interview with John Keston on there – I’ve played with him in the past and he deserves more notoriety. Keep up the good work!”

The limited run of 500 signature MoroderNova synths has a custom design, branded with Giorgio’s signature ‘moustache and shades’ insignia, and featuring silver/black styling. Novation’s sound designers have created patches, inspired by classic Moroder sounds.

You can find out more about the MoroderNova at the Novation site.

Free Update Turns Novation Launch Control & Launch Control XL Into Standalone MIDI Controllers

Novation recently introduced a firmware update for the Launch Control and Launch Control XL that lets both devices be used as standalone controllers – without a computer – with MIDI hardware.

By using a USB host-to-MIDI converter, such as the Kenton MIDI USB Host, or iConnectMIDI 4+, the Launch Controls can be hooked directly to standard 5-pin DIN MIDI gear.

This is a huge development for hardware users who like the amount of controls that the Launch series offers, but don’t want or need a computer in their setup. Continue reading