Novation Updates Blocs Wave With ‘Slice Mode’

Novation has released an update to Blocs Wave, adding ‘Slice Mode’, a new option that lets you chop up sounds, play slices in real-time and record your slice performance.

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Blocs Wave For iOS Updated With Ableton Link Support

Novation has announced that their Blocs Wave app now has Ableton Link support. Users can take advantage of Blocs Wave’s real-time stretch engine, combined with a “super-fast and intuitive” browser, for real-time jamming and collaboration.
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Free Novation Circuit Updates Make It Way More Powerful


Novation has announced the release of Circuit Components, a suite of free tools that expand the functionality of their Circuit groovebox.

Circuit Components makes Circuit way more powerful, adding sample import, a patch editor, cloud-based backup and more.

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Novation’s Virtual ‘Launchpad Intro’ Uses Chrome + QWERTY

Novation_Launchpad_IntroNovation has created an online player version of their Launchpad controller, Launchpad Intro, that can be used with a QWERTY keyboard or a plugged-in Launchpad controller.

Taking advantage of the browser’s built-in web MIDI capabilities, Launchpad Intro enables users to remix songs within the Google Chrome browser using QWERTY keyboard, or using a plugged-in Launchpad.

Novation enlisted their “resident virtuoso” Harry Coade to create and perform an impromptu song, using the Launchpad Pro along with real-time synth, vinyl and object sampling.

Coade, the in-house engineer, producer and manager at The Blue Studios and co-founder of Sound Matters, (which uses found sound to raise awareness of environmental issues) discusses his creative process and how he incorporates Launchpad Pro into his work in this interview on the Novation site.

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Novation’s ‘Finish Something’ Video Series

Following on from their Start Something campaign last year, which looked at the genesis of musical ideas, Novation recently made a video series about what they call “the tougher side of music making” — working to Finish Something.

Spending a month traveling around the UK and US, Novation staff talked with a range of artists about how they close out their compositions. Their big question: How do *you* finish something?

Answers ranged from making the final touches, to taking a couple of riffs and loops, to reviving compositions that had lain fallow for years, to letting go of paralyzing perfectionism, all the way to feeling satisfaction with the finished article. The results are highlighted in the video, below.
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Novation Circuit Updates Firmware, Releases Patch Editor, and MIDI CC Spec

Novation_Circuit_on_tableThis week, Novation announced three different items for Circuit owners: a beta update for the Circuit firmware, a software synth patch editor (via Isotonik Studios), and MIDI CC Specification for the instrument.

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