SoundScaper 1.4 Adds Scene Morphing And More

soundscaper‘Experimental sound mini lab’ SoundScaper has been updated with morphing scenes, improved MIDI and AudioBus support, and more.

SoundScaper is designed for creating soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending ideas.

Here’s what’s new in SoundScaper 1.4: Continue reading

Native Instruments Intros Flesh Performance Instrument


Native Instruments has introduced Flesh – a new ‘performance instrument’ designed for turning rhythmic source material into all the elements of a complete production, including basslines, melodies, chords, harmonies, and more.

Flesh lets you load up to 12 samples, then it analyzes the transients and spectral profile of the sound. This information is transformed it into curves and triggers, which get sent to four audio engines for re-synthesizing as new sonic material. The result is dynamic riffs and grooves that they say ‘feel faithful to the source material’

Here are the official video overviews: Continue reading

SpringSound For iOS Updated With Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression

anchorage-synthesizerDeveloper Christophe Duquesne has released version 2 of SpringSound – a physical-modeling audio synthesizer.

Version 2 adds support for Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and more.

MPE support means that you can use modern MIDI controllers that allow for continuous control over the expression (pitch bend, volume, timbre, etc) of each individual note that you play.  Continue reading

Wolfgang Palm Intros PPG Phonem Vocal Synthesizer

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Wolfgang Palm has introduced PPG Phonem – a new software synthesizer, for OS X & Windows, designed for expressive vocal synthesis.

The human voice is a very complex system, which can produce a wide range of sounds. It is however restricted by natural physical dimensions. Phonem does not impose limits, letting you create all the filter configurations and sweeps you could only ever have dreamed of.

Here’s a video intro from Wolfgang Palm: Continue reading

Amazing Machines Intros Programmable Wavetable Oscillator For Reaktor Blocks

Amazing Machines has introduced the AM102 Programmable Wavetable Oscillator for Reaktor Blocks.

The AM102 Programmable Wavetable Oscillator features a 16 stage wavetable with 3 selectable playback modes and 3 types of output curves.  Continue reading

SoundForce SFC-Mini Minimoog-Style MIDI Controller Now Available To Order


Developer Nicolas Toussaint let us know that he’s planning to produce the SoundForce SFC-Mini – a hardware controller for Minimoog-style software synths – via a Kickstarter project.

Here is the official intro video: Continue reading