DIY Vacuum Tube Analog Spring Reverb – The Wave


MOD Kits DIY has introduced The Wave, a stand-alone, tube-driven analog spring reverb unit kit.

The Wave can be used in front of your guitar amp or as a line-level analog reverb effect for the studio. Two controls allow you to serve up a wide range of wetness from just a touch to ‘over the top psychedelia’. The “dwell” control adjusts the input signal level driving the tank and the “reverb” control adjusts the level of output reverberations from the tank. Continue reading

Erica Synths Polivoks DIY Module Bundle 20% Off


Erica Synths lets us know about their Polivoks DIY modules bundle:

Special offer for those, who always wanted full Polivoks in their eurorack – full line of Erica Synths Polivoks modules @ 20% discount!

Bundle includes: Modulator, 2xVCO, Mixer, VCF, VCA and 2xADSR. We have universal 2 voice midi-CV module with master tune, glide and 1-2 voice switch in development. Then all line of Polivoks modules will fit exactly in 84HP rack.

Continue reading

Goom – The 16-Voice DIY Polyphonic Synthesizer


Goom is an ambitious DIY MIDI synthesizer module, based on a low-cost microcontroller.

It’s a virtual analog synth that offers 16-voice polyphony and it is fully multitimbral. According to the developer, the total cost of the basic components to make a fully-working synthesizer is just a couple of pounds; the bulk of the cost is in the (optional) knobs and switches panel interface. Continue reading

The Tine Organ

The Tine Organ is a MIDI controlled portable acoustic organ.

Although it sounds like a pipe organ in a cathedral, the sound producing mechanisms are very different. Instead of pipes and a wind chest, it uses electromagnets and steel tines to produce 20 chromatic notes, starting at middle C, with full polyphony. Continue reading