DSP Synthesizers Intros 6HP DIY Drum Module PCB


Developer Jan Ostman let us know about a new PCB design for building DIY drum modules – the rev2 PCB for the DR-55/CR-4/RW DIY Module.

He describes it as “Perfect as a first DIY build.”

The PCB comes with a presoldered SMD SOIC-8 version of the chip, so just jacks and simple components need to be soldered to the board. Continue reading

Modular Addict Offers New Option For Synth DIY

modular-addictModular Addict is a new US-based synth DIY store that is launching today.

Here’s what they have to say out it:

We’re launching with several new vendors that don’t have US stock/distribution, and have tons more on the way.

Same day shipping, large stock, screw waitlists/backorder!

At launch, Modular Addict is stocking modules by: Continue reading

Synth DIY Guru Ray Wilson Of Music From Outer Space Has Cancer And Needs Help

ray-wilson-music-from-outer-spaceThe family of Music From Outer Space founder Ray Wilson has announced that he is fighting Stage 4 cancer and that he could use the help of the synth community.

Wilson has been a leader in synth DIY for years – offering a variety of projects via his Music From Outer Space (MFOS) site. His DIY designs include a complete line of analog synth modules, lo fi noise boxes, sequencers, the Sound Lab Mini-Synth and the Weird Sound Generator. He is also the author of the book Make: Analog SynthesizersContinue reading

Goldilocks Analogue Combines Arduino With Audio I/O, Is ‘Just Right’ For Music Projects


Reader Phillip Stevens let us know about a Kickstarter project he’s running to develop a new Arduino, just right for audio projects, Goldilocks Analogue. 

Arduino is an open-source computer platform, designed for creating microcontroller-based devices. The goal of the Goldilocks Analogue is to bring sophisticated analog and audio input, output, and storage capability to the Arduino environment.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading