New Max4Live Device, Simbiosi, A Multi-Channel Multi-Mode Delay

Developer Massimiliano Cerioni let us know that he’s introduced a new Max 4 Live device, Simbiosi.

“Simbiosi is a multi-channel, multi-mode delay plug-in, whose audio engine is made entirely in gen~, ” notes Cerioni. “That’s why I think it can be a game-changer, it sounds different from any other M4L device.”

Culto is designed to create a wide range of delay-based effects, including delays, flanger, chorus, tremolo, vibrato, and comb filters, complex drones, cinematic textures and evolving soundscapes.


  • 5 filters
  • 10 full-range delay lines starting from 0.2 ms up to 5 seconds
  • 16 phase-locked waveshaping LFOs with various shapes like sine, triangle-like waves, distortions, and downsampled pseudo-random number generators

Audio demo:

Pricing and Availability

Simbiosi is available now with an intro price of €19, normally 29 €.


3 thoughts on “New Max4Live Device, Simbiosi, A Multi-Channel Multi-Mode Delay

  1. Oof. That is one truly awful sounding demo video. The delay line doesn’t even sound like it’s being fed the sample. It literally sounds like some mic feedback laid over the the Fugees sample. That is not the way to sell your product. I’m still interested though. The interface looks really fun and I’m sure there are some cool possibilities here.

  2. Simbiosi 1.5 is out tomorrow. There are some cooler demos outside under FB and IG, together with presets, coming soon tutorials, new functions, bug fixes and so on. Thanks again to Elizabeth and Synthopia for the article, and to all the users who’ve supported it from the very first time.

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